Ever wonder why the guy you like is just not interested in you?

Why wouldn’t he be? You’re beautiful. Smart. Funny. Caring. Pretty hot (if you do say so yourself!) You love the Lord and you’d make one heck of a wife, amiright?

So what is the deal with this guy? Why is he showing no interest at all whatsoever? What’s his beef?

I don’t know how you handle this sort of situation, but back in my day, it would make it work even harder to get his attention. I would practically throw myself at the guys who paid me no mind.

Not because I was desperate for their attention (you could say), but because now it’s based on the principle.

Now, I’m driving to get your attention simply to prove to myself that I’m good enough to be wanted and desired by the guy I had my eye on. And I would probably turn him down simply for ignoring me in the first place.

PLEASE tell me that there are other women out there who may have done the same thing as I did! Maybe not. I admit, this was some pretty crazy stuff. But back then, I wasn’t really focused on the actual values and intentions that I actually wanted and needed in a proper relationship. I was simply in it for the attention. It was fun to play the whole cat-and-mouse game.

What was NOT fun was when you casted out your baited hook and the fish never bit. It’s not only humiliating but the thought of him not interested in

1. The guy you’re interested in simply isn’t interested in you.

Let’s just clear the air and let’s just get this done and over with he’s just you’re not his type. He’s looking for something. He’s looking for a particular, you know, je ne sais quoi if you will.

According to him! Doesn’t mean you don’t have it, girl! Because you do! It’s just you don’t have what he wants.

2. He placed you in the “too” category.

You just might be in the “too” category. Too clingy. Too spiritual. Hey. ladies, sometimes them Christian guys don’t want to super hyper Christian woman. Don’t shoot the messenger, okay?! I’m just keeping it real!

Too crazy! Some guys like crazy some guys are like, “oh yeah, that’s… that’s so hot to me, that’s so sassy! I love her sass!” But sometimes we just say it a little bit too far and so they’re just like, “you know what… I’m not gonna go there.”

You just might be a little too much of something that doesn’t ease well with him he doesn’t find attractive or comforting.

3. He is interested in someone else.

Yes, ladies, they might be giving you all the attention and they might, like, throw all the signs and the signals to let you know that, “Yeah, I am interested in you, and yeah, I do want to hang out with you.”

The reality of the situation is that there is someone else and until that person gives them attention they’re gonna give you attention just so that they don’t sit around being bored all day.

I’m very sorry that this is happening to you but if this is your reason then, uh, GIRL BYE!! You need to move on!

4. He is interested in something else.

It’s not that he’s interested in someone else it’s that he’s interested in something else.

He’s just so wrapped up in his work. Or his business, or making money, or maybe pursuing God. Maybe his family needs attention. PERSPECTIVE LADIES!

Whether you’re the future wifey or not- his focus is not there.

5. He doesn’t see the confidence that you need to have in yourself.

You’re pouring out this essence of “I’m not confident in myself, I can’t handle myself, I can’t take care of myself” and so, therefore he just feels like “You’re not the one for me because I need a woman who can hold her own but… you?”

“You seem like you’re still pretty hurt from your last relationship.”

“You? Oh, you seem like you got some issues you need to iron out.”

“You? Yeaaahhhh… You seem like you’re just not ready for a relationship even though you’re telling me that you’re ready for a relationship.”

They’re seeing something in you that you’re not really seeing in yourself.

And sister girl, if this is the case, please allow me to help you see what you need to see before you start looking and taking your eyes to someone else.

You have to realize that before you even step foot in the interest of a man who has the potential of becoming a companion for the life you need to make sure that you are standing on a leveled playing ground. On a firm foundation. On a confidence that cannot break or crumble simply because somebody says that they’re not interested in you.

How do you get to a place where you are confident? Where you are secure? Where your past is not your pain anymore? How can you become that woman? I’m gonna tell you right now!

You have to focus on you and there are four keys that can help you get there: Four Keys That Every Single Woman Needs To Unlock a Life That They’ll Love! If you really focus on these keys and you’re gonna come off as that strong-minded, strong, healthy woman, emotionally, a healthy, spiritually-sound woman that a man would be falling over himself to get close to and to interact with and to be interested in!

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