Have you ever been afraid to date again?

If you have, then you’re not alone.

In this day and age, it seems like everywhere you turn, there is always something (or someone) that wants to repel you from dating. That is, if you’re dating with the intentions of finding something serious to settle down with.

I was never really the “dating” type. However, after breaking up one too many long-term relationships, I knew that it was time to meet new people, without the commitment.

Hear me when I say that every guy I ended up dating outside of an exclusive relationship was a total nightmare.

They either want one thing and one thing only,

Or, they want to play some sort of twisted cat-and-mouse chase where you are “supposed” to chase them, and hang onto every word they text,

Or, they go after that one thing. Again. After you already told them that you’re weren’t gonna go there.

Seriously, everytime I tried to step out of my comfort to “find a nice guy”, I would always end up getting burned by a bunch of duds. It left me feeling exhausted, frustrated, and downright afraid to date again.

If you’re feeling anything like this, then girl, I get it! Stepping into the dating can take a lot out of you! Especially when you’re going in there with a hope that one of those dates will turn into something more.

Being afraid is typical. But it should not deter you from stepping out to date altogether.

Sure, you’re probably thinking that you’re done and that there are no good guys left! I get it! It’s slim pickings in the guy collection… or so you believe based on your dating fails.

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Dating can be very frustrating, exhausting, and at times scary. After all the duds you’ve meet, getting you nowhere closer to finding that ideal man and relationship, why should you keep dating?

In this video, I share my personal dating fails and two really great reasons why you should not be afraid to date again!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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