I used to be the kind of girl who could never wake up early enough to do a morning routine.

And back then, I didn’t think nothing of it. In fact, I used to believe that there were two sets of people: the night owls and the morning birds. I was definitely a night owl.

At the time I didn’t even recognize what an impact of having a morning routine could possibly have on me.

Let me just put it this way: every time I wake up early enough to conduct a morning routine I end up being more productive, feeling more positive, and having a better day overall.

Without a routine in place, I would always wake up feeling like I had to “catch up” to the day. It’s exhausting if you think about it. Especially when you have small kids. They end up waking YOU up and then you’re playing on the defense of their energy for the remainder of the day.

Oh, but when you add a morning routine to your life, you’re in charge! You choose when to wake up. You choose how you feel. And how you want to carry out the day relies on you! It’s so liberating! I just knew I needed to have this in my life.

But… I’m a night owl, remember? How was this even possible?

Simple: I made it a priority. That’s it. No more excuses. I knew that having a morning routine was best for me mentally, physically, and spiritually, so I sucked it up, and made it happen.

Magic happens during that morning time. I swear it does! And if you’re wondering how long of “actively trying” did it take for me to finally develop my own personal morning routine, then I will tell you that it took about a solid four months to make it an actual routine.

Four months! Four months of the mental “I just can’t wake up that early!” to “I’m gonna do whatever it takes to make sure I wake up that early!” Maybe for you it’ll take less time.

Ultimately, you and I both know that incorporating a morning routine can only do good things to you and your wellbeing. So, if you’re looking for what a morning routine can look like, to give you ideas on how you can grow and develop your own, then check out mine!

In this video, I break down the step-by-step process of my daily morning routine. Click below to enjoy this video!

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I am a very avid believer that if you set your morning right, it sets you up for the rest of
the day.

Hey girl heyyyyy, How you doing?

Whatever time it takes, it takes me about two hours to do this morning routine so, you do you, okay?

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1. Drink 25oz of water.

So the first thing I do is I drink a full 25 ounces of water. I just guzzle it down before I even get to the bathroom!

2. Do my AM skincare routine.

Then I do my skincare routine, which is usually my moisturizer and my vitamin C serum for my face, which I’m currently using the brand Pacifica. It’s a vegan brand and I love it. You get it at Target or Amazon or their website PACIFICABEAUTY.COM.

3. I take my multivitamins!

I’ll take my multivitamins and I also take cranberry pills for, you know, girl health. LOL!

4. Workout!

The first thing I do (that is after I get out of bed and leave the restroom area!) when I wake up is I instantly workout. I don’t do a whole big workout. I’m gonna tell you right now. I do an app called “Seven” and it is literally a seven-minute workout. It is just enough to get me sweating, getting some endorphins into my system, and it’s just enough for me to say, “you know what? I worked out today.” So hey! It’s a free App and then they have a premium app where you can tailor it to your needs. If you wanna lose weight or build strength or whatever.

5. Drink Lemon-Ginger tea.

Once I’m done working out and I have like the water I get myself cooled off, I then get some lemon ginger tea to help with detoxing and help kickstart the metabolism.

6. Journal/Morning Pages!

Once I’m done with that, I will bust out my morning pages! So, morning pages are something that I learned from the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. I read it a long time ago, something that happens when.

I write in this just standard Five -star Journal is I start to speak to God in the sense that I’m writing to God. You know how you write letters to people. I’m writing my prayer to God. So I start my conversation as soon as I’m done working out. I started
that conversation with God through Journaling.

7. Read the Bible.

Once I’m done with my Journal, I go into my Bible time! It is the Nelson Second Edition Women’s Study Bible, New King James Version. Something that really helps me read the Bible every single day is I follow an app called the “First5” app. It is an app created by the Proverbs 31 Ministries and it helps you go through the Bible chapter by chapter, day by day. During the weekends, they have an audio lesson you can listen to. It will break down what the Bible is talking about, kind of teaching/recap of the chapters that you covered what it’s going through, how you can practically apply it to your life, there’s a devotional, there’s a prayer.

8. I plan out the rest of my day.

From there, I have a planner because your girl likes to plan! I have been using what is called “The Hope Planner” and it is brought to you by a company called Hope Fuel. I absolutely love love love this planner! What it does is, it has a portion for Scripture. Prayers. To-do list. A 7 am-9 pm Time Schedule. Dinner plan. And then it has your water intake, your am/pm supplements, and if you worked out. This is the planner that kinda helps me set up my day and it helps me just kind of bring everything all together.

9. I declare my affirmations.

The last and final thing that I do the Start Today Journal. This is a journal that helps me get my affirmations out. So it’s really simple. You have 10 dreams that you’ve already made happen. I have five things that I’m grateful or today and then the one goal, the one Dream that I’m gonna focus on today.

Sidenote: The Start Today Journal was created by one of my favorite authors, Rachel Hollis. She created this journal based on her book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing”! While she talks about it in her book, there’s also a brief explanation at the beginning of the journal too!

By then it’s about 7:15 and my kids are calling me and the rest of my morning is kind of dedicated to my kids. So, your girls gotta hustle in between the naps in the bedtimes, but the morning routine is what I get to myself.

It’s what brings me close to God is what gets me focused and it just helps save me a ton of emotional and mental time trying to figure out how the day is gonna go, what I feel what I need to be, where my attitude is, and so that’s my morning routine!

My question to you is which of the things that I do in my morning routine are you gonna start implementing into your morning routine?? Share in the comments below!

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