Morning affirmations have been a game-changer when it comes to shifting your mindset.

What better time to focus on your thoughts than during your single season. As a single Christian woman, it’s easy to assume that your faith will make you feel great daily. But if you’ve been single for a while, you can also see some low moments in the season as well…

Such as the season of waiting and how it makes you feel when the wait becomes uncomfortable.

Or notice that all of your friends are getting into relationships and making you feel like you’re stuck.

Don’t even get me started on going on dates, online dating, and feeling as though all of the efforts towards finding love aren’t getting you any closer to it.

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Yes, girl, singleness can be really challenging. And quite honestly, I think the enemy makes it so on purpose. Why? Because he wants you to slip up.

He wants you to lose hope in God and His plans for you! The devil knows that you are on a mission to find the man that God has for you! That would be a healthy marriage, a blessed family, and he’s not about that life!

So the enemy will get you where it stings. In your season of singleness. He will try to create all of these doubts and fears in your mind and heart to get you to believe that there’s no one out there for you or that there’s something wrong with you.

For this reason, it is SO IMPORTANT that you are renewing your mind daily! That you free your mind of the negative thoughts and create a life where faith flourishes and you are confident in your season!

So how do you do that? I believe morning affirmations are the solution! By repeating the faith-induced, positive affirmations on a daily basis (say, first thing in the morning!), you’re going to change the way you think and feel subconsciously, which will translate into your choices, reactions, thoughts, opinions, and attitude!

If you’ve never used them before, then don’t worry! I got your back. In this video, I share morning affirmations for the single Christian woman to get her heart and mind in the right space to conquer each day! Click the link below to watch the video to listen along!

When you’re done, check out my free download so that you can print out the morning affirmations to be mindful of them throughout your day!

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