Going through a miscarriage is no easy thing.

As a mother of two beautiful and healthy boys, I never saw it coming. Due to my previous track record, our pregnancies will very healthy and natural. There was no reason to assume anything otherwise.

In 2019, my husband and I prayed and agreed that the following year would be the right time to have a third child. Everything we did moving forward was in order to prepare to expand our family.

We ended up getting pregnant in late May of 2020. We stared at the pregnancy stick and cried with rejoicing laughter and happy tears. Our dreams of having a third child were finally coming true.

While everyone warns you that every pregnancy is different, I was not thinking for a second that the complications I felt lead to another factor: a miscarriage.

And to be honest, that miscarriage took me out! Like, all the way out! Unable to think, feel, or work. There were many days where mommy just layed on the couch while the boys were quietly playing among themselves. Also many nights were the worship songs that ministered to my husband and I lead us to tearful prayers.

The truth of the matter is that no one really knows why these things happen. And the hard lessons that I learned from this experience should not be kept solely to myself.

In this series of sharing my crazy 2020 season, I want to share a story that took everything in me to openly share.

In this video, I share what it feels like to personally go through a miscarriage, and what women NEED rather than what we end up receiving.

Click below to enjoy this video!

Approaching someone who has experienced loss is never an easy thing.

And yes, as a husband, a friend, or a loved one, it will require you to take a step of courage and a deeper leap of faith. But it is oh-so-needed!!!! In so many ways, your presence and your ear to hear is exactly what women need to help us cope, process, and make it to the other side of these valleys.

If you know anyone who has ever encountered a miscarriage or loss of an infant, then ask them about it. See where they’re at emotionally. Pray with them. Cry with them. Let them know that they are ok and still every bit of a woman that God has called them to be!

We don’t need to be fixed.

There is no explanation you can provide that only God can explain.

We need love and support.

women with head down covered by her hand with pink overlay and white text that reads, "What Women Really Need After Having A Miscarriage"
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