Are you getting ready to meet your boyfriend’s mom??

This might be pretty exciting for you… Or, it’s probably freaking you out! The mere thought of what she thinks about you could change everything!

She could really like you and that could mean that you and your boyfriend have the blessing to take the relationship to the next level! (Sidenote: are you even ready for that yet??)

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On the other hand, she might dislike you. A lot. To the point where her influence could cause your man to break up with you! Yikes!

Either way, you and I both know that meeting the moms is a pretty big deal, however which way you choose to spin it. And what you do during that first meet and greet will matter!

So what do you say? What do you wear? Should you bring something? Are you feeling sick? So many things to consider!

Now, I’ve had my share of moms who really liked me. And I’ve also had a few moms who, well… I’m sure were happy to see their precious sons go in a different direction!

One thing is for sure, is that no matter what goes down God is going to be right there with you! He is going to make sure that you’re ok, and that His plans for you and this relationship will get carried out!

Since God DOES have your back during this (and any other!) occasion you have regarding your relationship, I thought it would be good to help you consider a few more things to help prepare you to meet your boyfriend’s mom!

So, if you’re truly stressing out, then sit tight! I got you covered!

In this video, I’m gonna share my dating advice, as a Christian woman, to help you get it together in time to meet your boyfriend’s mom! Click below to enjoy this video!

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