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You’re single and you’ve been waiting.  To… meet Mr. Right.

For that right guy to come along and end your dating games forever.

But he’s late.
Like, super late.
And all of your friends and family and coworkers and the world keep telling you that he’s coming. They’re telling you to do the thing that everyone else has been telling you to do.
They’re telling you to wait.
But freaking dangit! You’ve been waiting all this time!

How long is it going to take before finally get to meet Mr. Right?

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I mean, you’re right there! How could he possibly miss you?!
I get it. Hear you loud and clear. I totally understand.
Maybe… this video will help.

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Yes, to a certain extent you’re family, friends, coworkers, and everyone else who knows your situation is correct in saying that you should wait because Mr. Right is going to come along eventually.
But of course, to you, the one who has to do all the waiting ALONE, are frustrated at this point because nothing is happening!
Waiting pretty much feels like you’re doing nothing to get this ball rolling. It seems very counter-productive for you to do absolutely nothing!

Here’s why it’s so important that you actually wait:

If you choose to take matters into your own hands, one of the two things are guaranteed to happen:

1) Say you take control of the situation and you end up finding someone who is…good enough.

What will end up happening is that you will be occupied with someone who is not even worth your time and energy. You will get involved with someone who doesn’t even deserve you, and the drama-filled relationship woes will start all over again. In the meantime, the person who IS meant for you could pass you by, because you’re already involved and the timing is wrong, or he could move on and never come back.

2) If you are so focused and preoccupied with the whole idea of “finding someone” and “having a relationship” then you will never have time to truly discover what you really want in a person and in a relationship.

On top of this, you’ll never give yourself the time and space that you need to truly heal from past breakups, and invest in yourself to discover who you are and what you need to create a life you absolutely love!
So instead of blowing off all of your steam on this “wait” period and wishing that your time to meet Mr. Right will finally come, consider this bit of truth:
God’s timing is always right.

And you cannot expect to upgrade or advance into the “next level” when it comes to your love-life when there is still some work to be done at the level that you are currently on.

Ask yourself, are you really ready to get married? If the answer seems scary to you, then chances are, you’re probably not even ready for Mr. Right to come along. To use this time wisely. Invest in yourself with coaching, growing, and getting to know yourself better. That way when Mr. Right DOES (finally) comes along, you will be ever so ready to take things to the next level, and he’ll see that you are worth the world!

What are some frustrations that YOU have when it comes to waiting to meet Mr. Right?  Share in the comments below!

girl folding hands behind man's neck with pink overlay and white text that reads "When Will You Finally Meet Mr. Right?"

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