Ever wonder what those “marriage killers” are?

Take a couple, for example, whom you’ve known for a long time.

And while they may seem to be an amazing-looking couple on the outside, their marriage is falling apart deep within.

The worst part about it is that they don’t even realize it or see it coming. And when they split, the entire world (including their spouse) is blindsided and shocked that it even happened!

While I never have gone through a divorce, I will say that I’ve experienced many breakups in my day. And at the height of it all, there was absolutely nothing I did that caused the downfall of those relationships.

But after about six months to a year after that breakup… those truth bombs were massive.

The truth is that there were some things I did that I had no idea I was even doing, yet it slowly but surely destroyed that relationship.

Things that were so minuscule that they went undetected for YEARS.

So, if I was doing these things have no idea about them until it was too late, then I know for a fact there are some wives (or husbands) out there who are doing them too.

I’m not here to encourage divorce. And yes, there are some things that can qualify as an automatic ground for getting one (abuse, adultery, a spouse is causing you and your home to live in sin, etc.) The things I want to talk about today are actually all preventable.

Yet, because we don’t think twice about these actions, they remain hidden. They are the silent deadly marriage killers.

In this video, I wanna go over them in hopes that you can catch those silent killers in your marriage before it’s too late.

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Marriage killers can be as small as a gesture or lack of attention.

Over time though, all of those small acts are snowballed into something that your spouse just won’t be able to take any longer.

And also, let’s not forget about who the real silent marriage killer is, and that’s the Devil.

Before there was a government, there was marriage. Before there was sin, there was marriage. And the enemy hates it with a passion because it is a part of God’s original creation and intent.

So the Devil will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to distract us, pull us away, or place thoughts in our mind that would cause us to act, think, or do something that goes against the love and honor we should have for our spouse!

Do 👏🏼 not 👏🏼 give 👏🏼 him 👏🏼 authority 👏🏼 over 👏🏼 your 👏🏼 marriage!

You can take back your marriage by following the tips I shared in this video! And you can ensure that God will help you restore anything that was lost, broken, or was on the verge of death if you choose to trust in Him and allow Him to change you for the better!

What other marriage killers are out there? List them below in the comments!

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