When looking for love, I thought the process was simple.

You find a guy you like. You flirt back and forth for a while. Eventually the conversation shifts into a continuous text as you get to know each other better.

Then the dates. The attraction grows. Before you know it, you’re a couple.

The relationship goes smooth until it doesn’t. Cue the breakup. Lots of tears. Lots of girls nights and spa days. Ice cream and rom coms may or may not be involved.

And then, just like that, as if those ingredients were the cure to the common breakup, you carry on with life.

While now single, you basically start the process over, this time, with a different guy whom you pray would have a different style to him.

But… is that really how the process should go? Especially when you never seem to get out of the roller coaster steps that lead you right back to where you began in the first place?

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For the longest time, THIS was how I went along my love life journey. And I never once gave it a second thought because well, this is what everyone does, right?

It’s what they teach you in every rom-com. This common story is what you read about in every book and magazine. Even the celebrities seem to be doing it this way.

But girl, when I tell you that when looking for love (you know, that REAL love!) that is the wrong way to do it!

Naturally in the middle of this entire “process”, women are told to wrap themselves into a season of self love.

You know, you stay single for a while so that you can “focus on you”.

To many, the season of singleness has been translated to a season of gym sessions, fresh haircuts, and a new set of lashes. It has transformed into a work of the outside, in efforts to heal the inside. But that stuff doesn’t cut it.

You see, when looking for love, the thing that women are most in search of is just that– love.

So when a relationship goes south, and you’re told to “stay single and self-love” the love that you are (supposed to) receive doesn’t amount to the love that you just lost.

This is why it’s so confusing, frustrating, and boring quick. Women tend to miss a very important step in the love journey that is causing them to feel this way rather than to look at their journeys differently and act accordingly.

In this video, I cover what key step they miss when looking for love and WHY so many women often overlook it for all the wrong reasons!

So please, click below on this video to enjoy!

For more advice on how dating MUST start with you, and other nuggets that’ll help you when looking for love, be sure to pre-order my new book!

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