What actually happens when you let God write your love story?

While I can go on all day long about what happens when you decide to do this, I think the actual conversation that needs to happen is why you won’t let Him.

Quite honestly, it could be a number of reasons. As a Christian, there are some things that you may honor and some things that you don’t. And while I can’t necessarily speak for you and your reasons, I can certainly speak about me and mine.

As a young adult, I most certainly honored God and believed in Him. Yet, He didn’t come close to the decisions I made when it came to my love life.

Why? Why didn’t I let God in when it came to who I chose to date, have intimate relations with, or flat-out move in with and play “house”?

The answer is… I don’t really know. I just never saw Him for that reason. I never considered that God should be writing my love story. I just assumed that He was there and that He was my guide.

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That’s it! That’s the real and honest answer! I did not let God write my story because I didn’t know any better.

I didn’t know that I should be praying about my love life and the direction I should go in.

Hearing His voice was a mystery to me so I just assumed that if things were going well then that meant that God was happy with my love life.

But girl, when I would have those breakups, and those men would shatter me from the inside out, whew! I didn’t know how to approach God. Cause surely had I been trusting Him and proactively searching for Him to lead, then I wouldn’t have felt so abandoned, lost, broken, and messy!

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So, I’m gonna ask again…

What actually happens when you let God write your love story? If you’re a Christian woman struggling to understand why adding God to your love life is so important then keep watching. I’m about to break it down!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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