One thing you need to know before you start your new love chapter is how to glow up!

Not as in working out, getting your finances in order, or perhaps getting a brand new makeover. Which, sidenote, those are ALL really good things to do while you’re in a season of singleness! No, sis, what I’m referring to goes a bit deeper than all of that.

I’m not even mentioning the fact that you could be reconnecting with God during this time. You know, as a way to help you lean on something greater than your worries! I am alllll about giving your single season up to God and learning how to trust in Him!

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The thing I’m referring to does actually go hand-in-hand with developing a firm foundation with God. In fact, I believe that once you’re able to re-establish your personal relationship with God, it will be much easier to do this ONE THING that will help you “glow up”!

So, you might be wondering by now how to glow up if it’s not by all of the obvious methods that you’re so used to hearing about. I’m totally going to share this insight with you, but before I do, you gotta get very clear on why you should have a glow-up season in the first place.

Learning how to glow up should not be just to make your ex jealous. Nor, to prepare for the next man in your future. Sure, those things are perks and they do happen as a result. But it should never be the reason!

The glow-up must come from within because you care about the person on the inside! That’s right, the glow-up is only a true glow-up if you are solely focused on doing it for YOU.

With that being said, the ONE THING that’s going to teach you how to glow-up for your next love chapter most certainly starts with YOU! In this video, I’m gonna share ONE THING you need to focus on that’s going to kickstart your season of growth, building, and glow!

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One way you can start taking action by giving yourself the confidence to be unapologetically you is by reciting affirmations! If you’re looking for a few examples to get you going, be sure to check out my Morning Affirmations for Christian Women!

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