One of the biggest fears a woman has when it comes to dating again is the fear of history repeating itself.

It’s bad enough that you have to manage the courage to put yourself back out there. Dating is no easy cakewalk these days. So to regain the confidence to start a new relationship with a new person is enough as it is.

That’s not the hardest part. The hardest part is getting over your fears that after all of that, you’ll only fall right back into the same situation as before.

In other words, one of the things that keep women from finding love and letting God show them what is possible in their love life because their are afraid that history will repeat itself.

And how could you not? If you’re anything like me, then this probably happened a couple of times in your life. There you are, with a new guy, and while there are some things that remind you of your ex, he seems to be different. But before you know it, you gave your heart to this guy and now you’re starting to recognize some familiar patterns.

In comes the shame. The humiliation. The doubtful thoughts of, “I told you so!” and “I knew this would happen!”

Even after the prayers, you still find yourself afraid that someone is going to treat you exactly how your past treated you.

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What’s a girl to do? In today’s modern world, there are two choices: you can choose to take the risk and suffer the heartache if you wind up reliving the same broken relationship patterns… Or, you can choose to avoid it altogether. After all, by avoiding relationships and dating entirely then you’ll never risk getting hurt again, right?

Sister, I don’t believe God wants you to give up on this area of your life. In fact, if you still, deep down, have some desire to find love, then I believe God placed it there. And if God Himself gave you the desire to find love, then He surely must have the means to see that desire become a reality.

There’s just one thing that could be stopping you from receiving that outcome: the fear that history will repeat itself. However, there is one very important thing that you are forgetting when it comes to facing this fear. You are not the same woman as you were in the past!

With that, you can do things differently. Four things in fact. So, if you’re afraid that your next relationship will be like the last one, then tune in. In this video, I share FOUR TIPS on what to do to avoid history repeating itself!

Click here to enjoy the video, “History Repeating Itself? How to Avoid This In Your Next Relationship”

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