Ever wonder in your singleness how to hear God speak about your love life?

Perhaps you have used this season of your life to get close to God. You’ve decided to set up a prayer journal. You’re following a Bible reading plan. The church is excited to have you volunteer so much of your time.

These are all good things, sis! Yet, there is still this sort of… disconnect.

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Don’t get me wrong… you’re doing all of the right things, right? After all, the motions of your faith have never been greater.

However, when it comes to your love life, you never seem to get the answers you’re looking for… or any answer for that matter. You simply don’t know how to hear from God about your love life.

And that is exactly my point, sis. I believe that there are so many women out there who believe that what they are currently doing within their faith walk is enough. They think it’s enough to establish an intimate connection with God. When their results aren’t met with their expectations, then they tend to believe that their faithful efforts are failed attempts.

No one wants you to believe that what you’re doing to strengthen your faith isn’t enough. But if you are doing alllll of that, and still feel as though you’re not hearing from God, then surely something is missing.

I believe I know what it is.

If you’re feeling lost or confused about your love life, don’t worry – God is here to help. God wants you to have an amazing love life, from singleness to marriage, and He’s ready and willing to speak to you about it.

In this video, I’m gonna share a mantra along with one step that’s gonna change the way you hear and connect with God when you want to hear Him speak into your love life!

Click below to enjoy this video!

Click here to enjoy the video, “How to Hear God Speak About Your Love Life”!

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