Is it really possible to live “happily ever after”?

Like, seriously… is that really a thing?  Or have we been fed this fairytale all our lives for nothing?

Growing up, I got to see all the Disney princess come to life on the big screen.  It started with “The Little Mermaid” in Kindergarten, and we just got hit with a princess after princess, year after year.  It was amazing.

But as much as I loved to pretend to be Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, etc. I think I honestly grew up thinking that if I played my cards right, that I would also meet my Prince and live “happily ever after”.

Well, to much my dismay, Prince Charming must’ve not gone to college… or live through their 20’s.  Because that time of my life was pure hell when it came to my love life.

During those days, I was a hopeless romantic in a sea of no-good guys, who were way too selfish to even think about some form of happy ending.

Well, I mean, they were probably thinking of “happy endings” (#eww), just not the one I had in mind!!

I wanted that fairytale wedding with the over-the-top romantic proposal!  The life where we both were madly in love with each other and together we could be unstoppable.  Almost sort of like Jay-Z and Beyoncé, only not as flashy and perhaps living in a modest home with four kids and a few pets.

After some really terrible breakups and feeling as though my heart could never repair from so much damage, I stopped believing in those fairytales.

I stopped fighting for love. There was no such thing as “happily ever after”, and I accepted that fact.  I completely gave up.

So… how did I actually end up being happily married with kids, pets, a peaceful home, and all that jazz?  How did God radically transform the way I now see love and live out my love-life?

I wanna tell you (and ENCOURAGE you!) that your ideal “happy ending” CAN happen!!  Only… it may not be in the Disney-cookie-cutter form that we always thought!

In this video, I share with you how you can discover your “happily ever after” and a couple of things that can actually apply to us from all those fairytale stories!

Click below to check out the video!

So what do you think?  Do you believe in living “happily ever after”?  Share your why’s and why not’s in the comments below!

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