What’s the difference between a guy who’s Christian VS. a man of God?

I mean, usually, when a woman of faith seeks to find their ideal Mr. Right, they aren’t just looking for a typical man of faith…

No, no, no. Any gal can have a standard guy who believes in God. But you want a MAN OF GOD.

Someone who’s gonna lead!

A strong man who’s gonna take initiative!

Someone who’s gonna inspire you to deepen your own walk with the Lord! That is what you’ve been praying for all this time, right?

But you don’t always find that when you start to date men of faith. In fact, how can you even tell the difference between the various types of men who claim to believe in God?

Don’t get me wrong! Just because you’re a woman of faith doesn’t always mean that the BEST man for you is the one who’s studying at seminary! However, it is a wise move if you actually knew what you were looking for when it came to a potential husband.

Discovering just how much of their spiritual walk is serious (or not) could really affect your attraction to them, along with your intentions of creating a solid future where you see your faith and relationship to God as a pretty big deal.

Sooooo… which one has been catching your eye lately? Of the two types of men (the guy who’s Christian VS. a man of God) which of them is one you actually see your future self falling in love with and marrying?

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Wanna know the difference between dating a guy who’s a Christian and a man of God? In this video, I’m gonna share FIVE WAYS to let you know the difference!

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