Relationships are almost idolized in our society.

(This guest post was written by Jenna Arnold!)

Our generation is full of “relationship goals” and Pinterest boards that represent what we want our future to look like.  

We’re more focused on taking cute pictures for social media than really getting to know the person we are dating.

Instead of focusing on what to bring into the relationship, we set our eyes on what we can get out of the relationship.  

And come to think of it, when was the last time you prayed for the other half of your relationship?

To be completely honest, I forget to pray for the people in my life A LOT. I tend to get so carried away by the feelings of the relationship that I forget that God is the one who created us to relational humans and that he can bless us if we ask.

Through your dating journey, many potential people will come along the way. Maybe a cute guy from work, church, or simply liked your Instagram pic.

Remember that not every cute boy/girl that loves Jesus will be the right fit for you and your future.

Here are some questions to consider when you are thinking about pursuing a relationship.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you see a future for the person you are dating? Can you see yourself marrying them?
  2. Is God being put first in your relationship?
  3. What are some signs of God in your relationship?
  4. Do they have a genuine relationship with Christ, outside of you?

These are practical things to consider while dating but they won’t solve the idea of how to bring God into your relationship.

Finding a person who fits the guidelines for all these questions won’t ensure that your relationship’s foundation is built upon God.

In order to develop a deeper relationship with God and with your significant other you need to ensure that you guys love God more than you love each other.

You need to set aside time daily to make sure that your relationship with God is flourishing. And prayer is crucial. I cannot stress how important it is to pray for your relationship and for your significant other.

Prayer is so so powerful.

As Christians, we are told since we are very young that in order to prosper in our relationships we need to have Christ-centered relationships.

We need to date men that are an example of a Christian lifestyle.  If we do this, then we believe that our relationships will be perfect because Jesus is apart of them. If we date a Christian then our relationship is automatically going to be perfect, wrong.

Dating someone who says they are a Christian does not mean that you will be in a perfect relationship.

In the same way just because your relationship is centered on Christ doesn’t mean that it will be perfect.  But it will be worth it.

By keeping Christ at the very center of everything you do revolves around your next relationship, He can and will use that to completely transform it from the inside out!

So continue to trust Him, stay close to Him in prayer, and allow Him into your relationship!  He won’t disappoint!

More about Jenna Arnold:

Jenna Arnold - WorthyLovedEnough - How God Transforms Relationships - Selina Almodovar - Christian Relationship Blogger - Christian Relationship Coach

Jenna is the founder of the blog, She is a coffee and wildflower enthusiast who has a passion for helping people find Christ and fall in love with him. As well as helping people, teenage girls especially, know that they are so worthy, so loved, and so much more than enough.

“God spoke the truth that we are worthy, loved & enough to me during a rough period in my teen years and now I aspire to help others realize this simple yet life-changing truth and apply it to their lives.”

To learn more about Jenna Arnold, visit her blog by clicking here!

How God Transforms Relationships _ By Jenna Arnold_ Selina Almodovar _ Christian Relationship Blogger - Christian Relationship Coach

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