How do you bring God into your new relationship?

Well, for some, this might be a no brainer. You grew up in the church and everyone knows that God is a part of your life and that’s how you roll.

But what about the women who aren’t so sure? Take it from me, I really had no idea how to do this once I became a Christian!

I mean, sure, I loved the Lord and was trusting Him with my love life. But I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that mentioning God to a guy who could’ve potentially been a good relationship resulted in no relationship at all!

So what’s the deal? Do you talk about God upfront and leave the guy feeling like he has to decide right on the very first date that he wants to court you? Or, do you wait a while and ease this super deep topic into the conversation after several dates have gone by and you both are a bit more invested?

I actually did both. I tried it both ways.

When I mentioned that God was a major part of my life, guys paid it no mind. They thought it was “nice” and some even mentioned that they too, were about the Lord and His business 😑.

Others just flat-out never called back. Their intentions were different and that was ok. I was glad that I didn’t waste any time with someone who wasn’t even down to explore what a Christian relationship could look like int their life.

So what’s the answer? How should you incorporate Christ into your new relationship?

In this video, I actually cover three steps that you can take at different stages of your dating experience! Each step will not only help you determine if the relationship is even worth pursuing, but it will also help you stay true to you and your faith!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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