“Is he the man that God has for me?”

Sounds a bit crazy, right?

But when I single, I would often find myself asking the same question.

I would start dating someone. Things would go great. Better than great. I felt so happy! And everything just fell into place.

Surely, this man was the man that God has for me to become my husband.

I remember so vividly coming to that conclusion during one of my relationships. It was going so well, that I figured, “how could it NOT be from God?”

That is until the red flags appeared.

Then our communication fizzled out into nothing. I literally had no idea what this dude was thinking because he never talked to me about anything serious.

Cue the insecurities. And me wondering whether he was happy with me or not. Or if I was the problem.

Which of course lead to dozens of empty conversations of me trying to get him to reassure me that things were still great… only he wasn’t talking about anything serious.

Eventually, our two-and-a-half-year relationship ended over the phone. It was humiliating and utterly devastating.

I believe what shook me the most was the fact that I honestly believed that he was my answered prayer. And that I told everyone that he was so. As if this guy was my living testimony that God was real and answered my prayers and “oops! wrong guy!”

How could things have gone so wrong?

Well after almost 15 years, I finally know that answer.

Ummm… I never actually went to God to confirm that this was the man He sent.

Sure I prayed to God during this relationship. But I was praying the wrong prayers!

Instead of really asking God to receive that confirmation to move forward, I was already praising Him and thanking Him for the man “He sent!”

Take it from me: DON’T BE THAT GIRL!!

Don’t assume you know until you ABSOLUTELY know!

Is he really the man that “God has for me?” In this video, I cover how to know for sure and what you should be looking for to really know if your man is the answer to your prayers!

Click below to enjoy this video!

girl leading guy by the hand as they walk in an open grassy field with the sun setting behind them. Girl looks back at guy as they hold hands with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Is He The Man That God Has For Me?"

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