Tis the season to share your love and affection for someone you really care about… including that Christian guy you really like.

2022 Edit: I love this post from the past but times have changed and so has online shopping! To help you get the most out of this post, I’m going to include a one-stop shop for all of your Christian guy needs! So after each sub-section of this group, I’m going to include a link to my Amazon list where you can find examples of EVERY item listed on this post! This will make your shopping experience easier and my blogging experience a bit cleaner, so, enjoy! Sidenote: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

And of course, much of the world resort to something that involves super “manly” stuff, like alcohol products, smoking products, and über sports fanatic.  I can totally see how this can get in the way of getting a really nice gift for the guy in your life who doesn’t really care for that.
Even to this day, my all-around guy/husband can be difficult to shop for!  Why?  Because no matter where I look, I always run into the same stuff for the same “type” of guy!  And quite frankly, I’d like to see a bit more.

Earlier this month, I went ahead and wrote a gift guide for my favorite Christian BFFs.  That was super easy because they are all women and so I could relate to a lot of those gift ideas.  But when it comes to the male population, I’m always stumped on what to get!

So, in an effort to make this gift-giving experience easier for you, I’ve created a list of gifts, ranging from $10-$100, that should be close to perfect for the Christian guy in your life.

While they are not specifically drawn to Christian-based ideas (such as a Bible or devotional), I’m listing these items out with the assumption that your male friend/brother/crush/boyfriend (aka that Christian guy in your life!) who already has the spiritual tools he would need to nurture and grow his faith.

These gifts are more for the other aspects of his personality that make him uniquely him.  They will also allow you to gift him with something that will offer pure intentions without getting into the worldly stuff that most guy gifts are usually about.

How do I know that this gift guide will please?  Because I got a lot of the ideas from my husband himself (who’s quite honestly a bit of all of these guys, so it helped!)  Seriously, my mind was blown by all of these ideas!

Even when I suggested items that I thought were like A+ stuff, he struck the ideas down and explained why (sidenote:  earplugs/headphones are NOT a good gift!!)  So I’m going to jot it all down for you so that you can understand why too.

Alright, so enough of the small talk.  Let’s do this post the way a Christian guy would handle this: get straight to the point with minimal chit-chat. Oh, and if you want to save the chatting altogether, you can simply visit my Amazon Idea list for Gifts For Your Favorite Christian Guy!

The Sports Christian Guy

This type can be anywhere from the one who lives at the gym, to the one who loves being in sports, to the one who loves just watching their favorite sports team.


Yes, guys love their socks.  So much so that they need to purposely place them EVERYWHERE just so that they can see them at all times.  Kidding.  Not really.
The latest style has been the crew socks that get pulled all the way up.  So going with a good crew that can be worn during sweating or just lounging on the couch will be a great gift for any athlete/fan.

City Graphic Tees

These are becoming more and more popular as local shops are popping up everywhere to feed on the city pride spirit.  You can most likely find a great t-shirt at a local shop, or you can easily find a few great ones on Amazon.  Can’t go wrong with a little city pride.  #Believeland

Blender Bottle

As my husband says, “you can never have enough blender bottles”.  Very well then.  Perhaps because the sports Christian guy works out multiple times.  Or maybe they just forget to rinse them out after each use (which is a real thing!)  Either way, these bottles are great for smoothies, protein shakes, on-the-go meal supplements, and more.

Water Canteen

Because who wouldn’t want a super manly bottle to hold their water?  Sure you can find a water bottle practically anywhere.  But with this gift, you’ll want to look for insulation, and how long the water can stay cold/warm.  Also when it comes to your thirsty friend, the amount the bottle can hold can become a big deal.  So make sure you get the appropriate size!

The Nerd Christian Guy

This is the man in your life who doesn’t care about sports, would rather be at home, and focuses on a lot of detail.  Fear not, ladies!  I have some great gifts in store.  And no, they do not include a computer, video gaming, or specific pop paraphernalia (such as Star Wars, LOTR, etc.)
The reason WHY I did not include gifts for those specific items is that it would either be, a) too easy of a purchase, b) they already have enough of those items, or c) they would be too picky when it came to those specific things.  Chances are, they already have the right accessories/items they like, so getting them something else is kinda like, meh.

Board Games

No, I’m not talking about your typical Monopoly or Sorry!  I’m talking about the board games that require a bit of RPG (role-playing game) personality in order to play them.  And yes, coming from a woman who has a lot of Christian friends, that does not go out clubbing, drinking, etc. there are a TON of adult board games that can keep you, your bae, and the rest of your Christian friends entertained for HOURS.  Check them out!

Movie Tickets

Not just any movie tickets though.  You have to make sure it’s an epic movie he’s been wanting to see.  Then, you make a date out of it.  Get his favorite candy and pop.  Have fun and be sure to silence your phones!

Escape Room Challenges

This is actually a really fun thing to do around town.  If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a group activity that requires teamwork, strategy, and a lot of patience.  You get a themed room (e.g. zombie, jail cell, etc.) and you have a certain amount of time to solve a bunch of clues that would help you “escape” the room. Plus, what a really unique way to see how well your Christian guy handles pressure, teamwork, and leadership (wink, wink!).

It’s a really fun experience, and it would bring the gaming experience to life!  Plus, it would serve as a great group outing with your favorite people who are bound to create some fun memories.

Nice Shirts/Sweaters

Not trying to stereotype any man in this category, but the chances of them actually caring about their fashion are slim.  They are most likely not into clothes and are very content with what they already got.

But… their favorite shirts and sweaters may be worn out.  So, this is the perfect time to get them an upgrade.  Perhaps one that may even take their style up a notch without getting too fancy.

While they may not go shopping for themselves when it comes to clothes, they’ll certainly take whatever clothes you give them.  And they’ll actually like it!

The Nature Christian Guy

Outdoors.  Camping.  Grilling.  Fishing.  Nature.  Your boy loves all of it.  Some of the stuff in this category can get quite pricey.  Here are a few that can be budget-friendly!

Hiking Socks

If they love anything to do with being outside in nature, then they’re gonna wanna have some really good socks.  And these socks are completely different from the socks you give to Sports Guy.  These socks will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable in case they get wet, camp overnight, or find themselves in a cave somewhere.  Hey, it could actually happen to this guy!

Camping Items

There are a lot of items you can get when it comes to camping, but just like a purse, a guy doesn’t want to be caught carrying too much stuff!  Therefore, you go with something that is light, conventional, and portable.

Any kind of swiss army anything would be a great choice because it will combine many needs into one.  And going light in packing for his next camping trip is definitely the way to go!

Moka Pot

My husband LOVES coffee.  Making it in the great outdoors, however, can get tricky.  You can choose to either have that instant stuff… or, you can bring the good stuff from home and use this tool to make it over an open fire.  How’s that for your first cup of joe?

Here’s how it works:  A Moka Pot uses ground coffee (or espresso).  You fill the bottom of it with water and place the coffee grounds into the filter just above the water.  Then you twist the top half on and let the water boil.  Once it does, it will boil into the coffee grounds and into the top half of the Pot, giving you fresh coffee in minutes.  The stainless steel makes it durable to take outdoors without the mess of filters or any other coffee accessory.

Hat Accessories

Again, going with the whole, carrying less mentality.  If he’s already choosing to wear a hat, why not make it useful by clipping on a light, fishing equipment, or other outdoorsy things to it?  This is another small, yet popular item that would be super useful for all those adventures he’ll be going on.

The Pretty Boy Christian Guy

These men love to dress up, look good, smell good, and feel good!  Only, getting cologne carries too much of a risk because they’re probably already into a particular scent.  And, getting good quality clothes can increase your price tag.  Here are a few things that will elevate your pretty boy’s style in all of the right places, without breaking your bank!

Accessory Kits

You can get these at practically any department store or men’s clothing store.  An accessory kit can come with a tie/bow tie, lapel, handkerchief, and sometimes a pair of socks.  They are the perfect pairing for any standard suit or above-the-norm outfit.

Fancy Socks

Because who doesn’t love a good pair of socks?  Apparently, according to my husband, guys REALLY love their socks!!  Anyways, unlike the athletic and hiking socks, the fancy socks will give your standard work outfit, church outfit, or date night a bit of pizzazz.  Even if the rest of their outfit is pretty normal, the socks will really set it off!
Can’t go wrong with socks.

Straight Razor

This is really taking fancy up a notch.  Is your bf clean-shaven or does it rock a killer beard?  Either way, they’ll need a lineup and/or need to shave.  A straight razor will give them that super clean-cut!
And if they have no idea how to use one, chances are, they still think it’s pretty sweet and have always wanted to use one.

Clothes Valet

Alright, now with this item, I had no idea that it existed but man, is it a really great gift idea!!  If you’re boyfriend really loves to wear suits, suit jackets, button-downs, good shoes, and all the accessories, then this valet will be PERFECT!

Mind you, many of the really nice ones are up there in price, but you can find some pretty standard ones for under the $50 range.
The clothes valet is a stand that you would put your entire outfit on (from the jacket to the shoes) to a) stay organized, b) keep your outfit from getting wrinkled, and c) piece your outfit as you set it out.  How cool is that and how come we women do not have one of these?  Or do we??

The Country Christian Guy

Proud of his country.  Loves his dog.  Wears boots and hats.  Super great man, right?  Here’s what you can do to express that in a gift that isn’t another flannel or country music album.

Belt Buckle

Oh yeah, this man loves his jeans and his buckles!  Now, I’m not from the South, so I know that there are particular buckles that hold particular meanings.  However, with a standard American flag (or the flag of your country), you can’t really go wrong.

Cabela Gift Store Date

First off, Cabela is a camping/outdoor/country store.  Secondly, have you been there?!  It’s like Ikea, Target, and Pottery Barn for men!  They have everything!  And you can literally spend hours there.  Don’t worry… they have a restaurant IN THE STORE in case you get hungry!!
So, here’s my idea:  Get him the gift card, but turn it into a date.  That way he shops for what he wants, and you enjoy the experience of the store.  Because it really is an experience.

Anything for His Truck

You know as well as I do that the man loves his truck.  Whether it’s a beat-down hunk of nothing or a top-of-the-line steel machine with all the bells and whistles.  So, if you get him ANYTHING for his truck, he’ll love ya for it.
And by anything, I mean from car fresheners to lights for the bed, to things he can use to wash and polish his truck, to styling his truck with decals.

Pocket Knife

Your guy friend most likely already has one of these.  Not sure if he does?  Simple.  Just check the side of his pocket and you’ll see it sticking out.
So if he already has one, there’s the good news:  he certainly enjoys having another one.  And if he doesn’t have one then there’s more good news:  He’ll really enjoy having one!

The City Christian Guy

This man can seriously be a toughie.  The reason being is that he can already fall into one of the above categories, BUT he really, really loves city life.  So because of that, you’ll wanna cater to that personal quality about him.  So here goes nothing…

Aero Press

The chances of living in the city and loving coffee are pretty big.  So get fancy and turn his city home into his very own coffee shop.
An aero press is almost like a French press in that you let the coffee grounds simmer in the boiling water before “pressing” into the coffee.  Only, unlike the French press, an aero press will go through a filter and into the coffee mug of choice, making his coffee super crisp and tasty.

Local Coffee / Local Food

One thing you gotta love about city life is all of the local shops that sell special foods.  Grab a bag of coffee or treats that you can only find in your neighborhood.  If there’s a particular local restaurant that he’s into, then gift card that puppy up and turn that gift into a date that you can enjoy on his birthday, the day after Christmas, or any other time.

Also, you may wanna check it out but your neighborhood may already have in place local tours.  Some require biking from one location to the next, while others involve a simple walk.  The tours will offer you some sort of education (like, how to brew or find quality coffee) and will include a few samples from each of the local places you visit!  Neat, right?  Again, another date with a lot of fresh goods made a really cool experience.

Food Cooking Subscription

If they live in the city, they may be busy.  And who has time to settle down each night and cook, right?  Well, have you tried a food subscription yet?  If not, then now is the time to do it!  Food Cooking Subscriptions like BlueApron provide all of the food you’d need for a really good meal.  Then they portion out exactly how many and how many ingredients you would need to make the meal.  Then, they deliver it all to your doorstep for you to make in the comfort of your home.

And this wasn’t your standard “grilled cheese” meal either.  These were legit meals that you may never have made before.  Meals that look like what you see on Pinterest but would never come out like the actual Pinterest picture, you know what I mean.

And… AND… all these meals take less than an hour to prep, cook, and table.  Anyone can make these meals.  And anyone would love to have this as a gift.  Including your favorite guy.  Especially if he loves to eat but doesn’t care too much about what he makes.

Can we also say dinner date?  My husband and I had a really fun time piecing together these gourmet meals from our kitchen.  It was definitely a bonding experience.

Watch Bands for SmartWatch

I’m gonna go off on a whim here and say that your friend loves his gadgets.  If so, then why not give him some swag to go with his electronics?  A smartwatch is very handy when it comes to a man on the go, but the price… eh, not so much.
So, if he already owns one, you can always give him something that will up the look of it.  The same goes for phone cases, tablet cases, laptop decals, etc.

Lastly, I just wanna give a HUGE shoutout to my hubby for helping me with all these ideas!  I learned a LOT about men and what they’d like as gifts and perhaps it’ll help me in the future to come up with gifts on my own.

Alright, so how did I do?  Is there anything on this list that you’ll be planning on getting your favorite Christian guy?  Anything I may have missed?  Share in the comments below!

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