When you find godly friends who are there for you no matter what, they most often will become your lifelong BFF.

2022 Edit: I love this post from the past but times have changed and so has online shopping! To help you get the most out of this post, I’m going to include a one-stop shop for all of your Christian BFF needs! So after each sub-section of this group, I’m going to include a link to my Amazon list where you can find examples of EVERY item listed on this post! This will make your shopping experience easier and my blogging experience a bit cleaner, so, enjoy! Sidenote: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!

And after going through life together, experiencing all of the ups and downs, highs and lows, and just being there for you in such a way that many others cannot, you wanna express your gratitude.

Often times when the holidays or birthdays roll around, you wanna not only to be there for them, but you wanna show them how much they mean to you by giving them the perfect gift.

But with so many items out there, what in the world do you give them that would speak to their hearts, and symbolize what a beautiful friendship you share?

Below I have a few things that you can give to your favorite Christian gal pal, check them out! Or, if you prefer to get straight into the shopping zone, you can check out some items I’ve compiled in a sweet Christian BFF Amazon shopping page!

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Gifts that give your Christian BFF PEACE

Aromatherapy (Essential Oils & Products)

Every girl loves a chance to relax and unwind! Offering them the gift of peaceful aromas, in the form of essential oils will not only give them a chance to fill their environment with something that refreshes their environment but could also provide many other health benefits as well!

Suggested Gifts:  Essential Oils, Oil Diffuser, Candles

Bath and Body Products

Because who wouldn’t want to smell good?
There’s something about adding a fresh, new smell that can make you feel cared for and loved, both by you and by yourself for indulging in some good ol’ self-care!

Suggested Gifts:  Bath Bombs (like these flower-scented bath bombs for only $15.50!), Body Butter, Body/Face Lotion, Body Scrubs, Hand/Lip Scrubs, Candles, Incense

One word of caution I would note here is that you really gotta know what your friends like smell-wise.  Some girls love vanilla and smell like a baked cookies.  Others wanna smell like clean clothes, all the time.  And others (like me) prefer to smell like a lovely garden of flowers.

So be mindful of what they enjoy.  Investigate and do a bit of digging to see what their house smells like, which shampoo they use, and/or what they sample spray on themselves whenever you shop together.

Spa Services

I mean, unless you actually specialize in this area, I suggest you check out a deal site, such as Groupon, for some really great deals on these spa-like services that your friend would love! With a Groupon deal, you can find some top-rated services that fit well within your budget!

Suggested Gifts:  manicure, pedicure, facials, 1-hour massage

Gifts that give your Christian BFF JOY


If your friend is a born-again Fashionista, then giving her something that can compliment her outfits is a sure winner!
Think of pieces that will reflect her personality, uniqueness, and colors/patterns/textures that would compliment her, not you.
But if she’s not into pink, you can pick something else out in her favorite color!  Another really good place to shop for these gifts is Target!

Suggested gifts:  bracelets, meaningful charms (for charm bracelets, such as Pandora), necklaces, scarfs, earrings, glove & scarf sets, coin purses, wallets

Art Supplies

Perhaps your friend is super creative and any old item just won’t do! Encourage her to take her talents to new heights by nurturing her creativity through art supplies!

To take it a step further, you can create a Pinterest board to help motivate her to step into faith and pour her artistic side into some new crafts or art projects.

Suggested Gifts:  paint/drawing sets, paint-by-number kits, clay, adult coloring books, gel pens, markers, acrylic paints, sketchbook

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Maybe you have a friend who is obsessed with makeup.  If that’s the case, well then this gift-giving is a no-brainer. But perhaps you also have a friend who really likes makeup but has no idea where to even start! In comes your really thoughtful gift!  Give her something that she might feel too intimidated to buy for herself but will have a fun time playing with it once she has it!

Suggested gifts:  contour kits, lipstick kits, eyeshadow kits, makeup brushes, eyebrow kits, makeup remover wipes, face cleansers & lotions


One thing that brings out the best in me is journaling my thoughts, prayers, and ideas!  I especially love it because I get to have some one-on-one time with my ever-racing mind! Journals are a perfect way for your sister in Christ to draw closer to God and/or with her own personal thoughts. You can gift her with something that will allow her to write for hours, or if she doesn’t have a lot of time, she can enjoy this simple (yet cute) One Line a Day 5-year journal!

Suggested Gifts:  5-year journal, blank sheet journal, bucket list journal, joyful memories journal

Cozy Treats

When in doubt, treat them with something their taste buds will appreciate. If you know your friend has a sweet tooth or is obsessed with coffee, then gift them with a few samples, paired with a delightful snack/mug to go with it! A great deal for any winter/chocolate/holiday lover is this Hot Chocolate or tea variety pack! To make these gifts even more meaningful, you can add some Scriptures to the gift!

Suggested gifts:  hot chocolate, coffee, tea pack, chocolates, cookies (homemade or bought), cheese and fruit basket, their favorite candy

Gifts that give your Christian BFF HOPE

Inspirational Pieces

Anything that can inspire your friend on a daily basis is not only reminding them of your friendship but also of their faith in Christ. And these days, you can find beautiful and inspirational pieces anywhere! Take this gorgeous mug for example:  Who wouldn’t want to be sipping from this at their desk?

Suggested Gifts:  mugs, wall art, prints to frame, t-shirts, key chains

Prayer Journals

Prayer Journals are a bit different from ordinary journals.  These have a specific motive in mind, and that is to draw closer to God through prayer.

While there are several journals that will help prompt you to pray for specific things, others give you more space to pray whatever your heart desires. I’ve been hearing a lot of really good things about Cultivate What Matter’s prayer journal, Write the Word. Another place you can check out for prayer journals (or how to create one) is on Pinterest!

Inspirational Books

If your BFF is a bookworm then chances are she’ll always be happy to receive a new book! Even better would be one that inspires her to elevate her faith and calling! When it comes to inspirational books, there are SO MANY.  So depending on what your bestie needs in this season, cater to that.

A few examples of what you can get are Prayer books (such as my Single Woman’s Prayer Book!), bible study, self-help, or motivational! At the moment, here are a few really good faith-based books that recently hit the market!

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Gifts that give your Christian BFF LOVE

Lastly, while all of the gifts mentioned above are pretty awesome, there are a few special goodies that I saved for last.  That’s because each of them has one thing in common:  YOU! While giving a gift is very thoughtful, sometimes simply hanging out with your friend can bring your love to life while creating an unforgettable experience!

Because who wouldn’t want to spend more time with their best friend?  It’s how memories are created, bonds are strengthened, and your love for your friend grows even deeper.

So here are a few gift suggestions you can give to your favorite friend that will also love your friend firsthand.

  • Buy movie tickets to a matinée that you both can go to
  • Get a gift card to a local coffee shop and have a coffee date
  • Get tickets to a live show, dress up, and get fancy
  • Get a Groupon deal to attend a group painting (or cooking) class
  • Buy all of the ingredients for a meal you found on Pinterest and cook together at home

You can always let your Christian BFF choose!

Go with a gift card to a place that you know they’ll love (such as their favorite home decor or boutique shop!) Another place you can give them the freedom to choose their own retail therapy is to give them a gift card from an online shopping site, such as Amazon! Not only does Amazon give you the option to purchase gift cards directly from their site, but they offer gift cards from just about everywhere else!

What do you think you’ll be getting your BFF?  Share your favorite items (or ideas) in the comments below!

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