There are many reasons why the guy you like is liking you back one minute then the next he’s ghosting you.

Sure, you have something to do with it.

You might’ve said something that was way too deep for him and he wasn’t trying to get any deeper.

You may have shown him that you are a no-sass lady who has expectations and intentions when it comes to dating and he didn’t like that either.

But let the record show, that whatever reason he is using to justify his actions, the fact still remains. He’s ghosting you.

I remember after a breakup, I wanted so badly to reconnect with my Ex. I wanted to see where things went wrong and if what we once had was even salvageable. But instead, I got ghosted.

And it was the absolute worst feeling in the world!

Being the girl that I am, I persisted. I tried several methods of communication. Nothing. Then it got to the point where I was looking desperate simply because I wanted to communicate.

It was at that moment that I had to face the truth. I thought to myself, “He’s ghosting you!”

And let me tell you, that really did a number on me. Because for every time that I wanted to seek out to him for closure, I felt as if I deserved it. But with every time that he ignored me, I felt humiliated and crazy.

For something that shouldn’t have to be fought for (mature communication) sure made me feel like I was the one with a problem.

Nothing hurts more than being ignored. At least when you’re rejected, or they straight up tell you why they no longer wish to stay in contact with you, you know where you both stand.

But to be ignored… is a whole other level of low.

And for the guy who does it, I’m sure is out there feeling something kind of way to some extent because of it.

Because let’s be honest here. Ghosting is wrong. And surely if you’re gonna choose to do it, then there’s gotta be a really good reason as to why.

In this video, I share four reasons why he’s ghosting you and how you should be looking at the situation!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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