Praying for future love is not uncommon. Especially when you’re single or new to dating.

In fact, if you’re pretty focused on improving your prayer life and/or your relationship with God, and you fall into one of those relationship statuses, then yes, it’s actually pretty normal.

How could it not be? Our society shows us love in just about everything we see, do, and read! The thoughts of a “happily ever after” ending is one that has been ingrained into the minds of women since childhood.

Naturally, if you haven’t found that sort of ending in your life, then prayer is your next step.

And again, there is nothing wrong with praying for your love life. It’s encouraged that you should voice your heart’s desires for a future love to God! That’s a good thing!

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However, in some cases (ok, ok, in MOST cases!) women don’t seem to do it the right way.

Let me explain.

When I was in single and tired of the dating game, I began to get serious about my relationship with God. And though at first glimpse, it seemed as though I had everything a girl could want, a relationship was not one of them.

I grew comfortable enough in my prayer life to voice my concerns and utter frustrations to God regarding this issue. When I tell you that I was getting bold in the throne room with my prayers, I mean it!

I would question God as to why a good like me couldn’t find a strong man who was able to fit my every need.

With every passing season that I remained single, my frustrations grew worse! Especially because I was praying and turning to God on this matter!

Surely, something would’ve sparked by now! If I’m doing all the things a “Christian” should, why was it so hard to bring a man into my life?

Another scenario would be when I actually had a relationship, yet it wasn’t going as smooth as I had hoped. Again, I would pray my prayers and hope that my future love would improve! Alas, they didn’t and I was right back to square one!

You see, Most Christian women usually find themselves praying for their future husband. Totally cool, HOWEVER, you might not be praying the right way!

Sure, you’re going to God and seeking Him with all your heart, but you might be missing one very important piece when it comes to those prayers. And girl, that missing piece could change everything!

In this week’s video, I share HOW to pray for future love, my prayer story, and some Christian motivation and Christian dating advice to help you along your journey to trust God and find love!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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