When a friend ditches you, a million things go through your mind.

Things that make you question your friendship. Were you even friends?

Stuff that makes you question who you are as a person. What did you do wrong?

And I’m sure that once or twice before you thought about how your life would change now that you’ve lost that friend.

Overall, when it comes to finding, keeping, and losing friends, the hurt that comes out of such experiences cuts deep. Especially when your friend ditches you suddenly with zero explaination.

I should know. Not only was I the friend who actually started dating and ditches all of my friends. But also because my older post, “What To Do When Your Friend Starts Dating and Ditches You” has received hundreds of comments regarding this topic.

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Now I’m not proud of my past actions by any means. I had some really great friends whom I tossed aside all for selfish reasons. In short, back then, I thought I had to choose: my boyfriend or my friends. I chose him. He chose someone else in the end. I ended up with no one. You get what you deserve, right?

However, there have been chapters in my life where I too, was on the receiving end of this scenario. When my closest friends would ditch me after finding men they thought were the prized relationship. Like myself, they also discovered (the hard way) that picking and choosing, dating and ditching, just never work out.

So as I sit back and watch all of these comments pour in from really good friends who are hurt, confused, and rejected, I had to intervene.

I had to clear the air on some things. On reasons why you should consider sticking it out and remaining friends with that person, even after they decided to ditch you. Also, on why you should kick that friendship to the curb!

Both answers are right. When you consider the facts. And in my experience, having lived both sides of the coin, I felt it was time to express these considerations to the world.

One of my HIGHEST engaged videos is in regards to what you should do when a friend ditches you after dating someone new.

In this video, I’m gonna cover ALL the advice I mentioned in the comments of that particular video! What to do, should you stay friends, and more!

Apply this advice to your godly friendships, or simply take it to help you maintain friendships!

Click below to enjoy this video!

There are definitely some things to consider whenever a friend ditches you for someone else.

Whether they ditched you for a man, for another friend, or for something completely different. Even still, you should always know your worth, your standards, and where you stand in regards to anyone.

Hopefully this video has helped you with that, but in case it hasn’t, and you’re in need of some guidance to fully break down the situation, then book a 45-min Relationship Audit with me today!

In this audit, we would discuss your full friendship and lay out all of your options for moving forward. With some prayer and some fresh new perspectives, you’ll end up heading in a direction that will bring you peace moving forward!

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