He seems to be doing everything right… but should you really date this guy?

Ok, so let’s review here…

Ever since you met him he’s been top-notch. Everything seems to be checking out. And he actually makes you feel really happy.

Yet. But. However.

How can one really tell if they should pursue a relationship with the said guy?

I get it. Actually agreeing to an exclusive relationship is a risk. A risk of getting hurt, getting played, or getting rejected.

None of which sounds exciting.

Not to mention, going exclusive means that there’s now a time commitment involved. Where being single kinda gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, anytime you want.

Is this guy really worth trading that freedom in for a possible chance at love?

How about the whole notion that dating should be intentional? What if this guy has absolutely no intentions of an end goal in mind? What if he’s just here for the here and now and nothing more?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I get it! There is a LOT that goes into the decision of whether you should date this guy or not.

While there may be plenty of blog post that could possibly help you figure out if should date a guy, none of them really go into what you should do to determine if you should date that guy!

In this video, I wanna give you some pointers and for sure ways to help you determine how you can know if this guy is worth it all (and more!)

Click below to enjoy this video!

Knowing whether you should date this guy requires some trust.

Not just trust in him or even yourself! But true trust in God.

Because ultimately, He is the only one who knows what’s truly best for you! So rather than to decipher all the tiny details as to why you should or should not date him, just get the facts!

Knowing God well enough to trust His lead is the only for sure way to tell if this guy is worth pursuing or not.

But not only that, but God will also reveal to you all of the red flags that you might miss during that cozy, exciting dating phase! So be alert, be aware, and always be listening to what God is trying to tell you!

Be sure to check out this hot resource to help you know for sure!

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