What comes to mind when someone flirts with your husband?

Do you immediately feel out of place, small, and totally insecure?

Are you ready to take off your earrings, march over there and give some people a piece of your mind?

Or perhaps you feel completely numb and have no idea what to think, say, or do!

Before I was married, I was… well… to put it lightly… crazy.

Whenever I saw a girl flirting with my boyfriend, I would at first sit back and watch to see how it would all play out. Sort of like a test to my boyfriend to see how he would respond.

If he handled it well, then I felt as if I had floated up to cloud nine, and I would remain there for the rest of the evening. All while smirking at the flirty girl who was giving me the stank-eye across the room.

But if he did nothing to meet my expectation of how the situation “should have been handled”, then I would completely lose it.

On the inside, I would be racking my brain to wonder whether I was good enough anymore. And I would think to myself that he was immediately on the path towards cheating. I would instantly hate the girl who was flirting with him and I would let her know by treating her in a way that a Christian should not be acting.

On the outside, I would be doing everything I could to keep it together, show off my “confidence” and prove to him (and her) that I was the better choice. Everything I did would become a show. Something to prove to the world that I was worth protecting and honoring.

Then, after someone had flirted with my boyfriend, I would either talk about it in a passive-aggressive way or keep it inside, never bringing it up out of fear that he would run back to the flirty girl. It all depended on how he was feeling towards me.

Afterward, things would get muddled in our relationship. Ultimately, I would create a new sense of baggage that I’d carry around throughout the rest of our time together.

That was then… this is now.

Now, I’m happily married and have been for almost seven years. We have kids together. We share life together.

So when someone tries to flirt with my husband, I aim to handle things differently. Simply because I have matured and we have a very secure marriage.

But that’s not to say that the enemy doesn’t still try to use his old-fashioned ways to draw out my insecurities.

There are still bits of jealousy, anger, and crazy that often tries to see it’s way out of my mind and heart after someone comes close to my husband.

And while it may feel gratifying to sink back into my old fashioned ways of telling some random lady off while protecting my relationship, it’s not the mature way to handle things.

After all, wouldn’t you want to go about this in a mature manner for the sake of your integrity?

What should you do when someone flirts with your husband? In this video, I share THREE THINGS you can do to help you address this situation!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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