When you lack a good set of first date tips, dating can often feel like a bit of a drag.

To be honest, most women dread the thought of having to go on those first dates! All because they had bad experiences that practically traumatized the very thought of having to go on more first dates.

What if there were some golden nuggets that you could take away that could actually help with those first few dates?

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I mean, without the first dates, you’ll never know if you’re compatible for a more deeper relationship.

Without the first few dates, how will you ever know if the guy you’re getting to know has the potential to become your husband?

You’ll never know! That is, unless you get a few of these “annoying” first dates under your belt.

Sure, putting yourself out there to meet new guys is never easy. However, with the right first date tips in mind, you can completely change the game and your outlook.

First dates are part of the process of finding love! And in this video, I’m gonna share for all you Christian singles 5 dating tips and advice for when you meet someone new to maximize your Christian dating experience!

And yes, girl, this video can apply to those online dating tips that you’ve been searching for too!

Click below to enjoy this video!

For even more first date tips (including what to do afterward and how to turn those early dating stages into a meaningful relationship!) be sure to check out my new book, The Christian Woman’s Guide to Dating! You can order a copy below!

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Which first date tip resonated with you the most? Share below in the comments. Also, if you are questioning whether this is the right season for you to step back into those dating grounds, then take my free quiz below to determine which stage you’re currently in when it comes to your love life!

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