Everybody goes through a season of loss.  Through it, God is always there.

And it doesn’t matter how you go through it or what exactly you’re going through.  The point of it is that you never stay there.  You literally are just passing it by.
I believe that after years of questioning God, I finally have come to realize one solid truth.  That God uses these times in our lives to shape us into stronger people.
And while that may be pretty difficult to grasp (especially if you’re in a season of loss right now!) I can assure you that when you look back at it all, you’ll agree.  You’ll see God from the very beginning all the way to the very end.

In this featured post, I share all the ways that I have experienced loss throughout my life only to discover God standing with me the entire time!

As I look back on my life, there was not one particular season in which I’ve experienced loss, there were many:

  • When I was a child, I had to bear down and unwillingly suffer from the loss of a family home when my parents decided to get divorced.  
  • As a young adult, I found myself depending more and more on my romantic relationships for love and security. And as a result, I led myself right into a season of identity loss that carried a lot of trust issues, insecurity, and depression.
  • Even in the midst of following God, as my lifestyle began to change, I suffered an entire season of the loss of many friends who couldn’t grasp the new-found life I had chosen for myself.
  • Before getting married, just when I thought that things were going in the direction that I prayed for, I suffered a job loss. One that kept me unemployed for over four months, until I decided to start my own business.
  • Upon having children, my husband and I both experienced a loss of our freedom. No more spontaneous date nights and late-night outings with our friends, all for the sake of our precious baby boy. And yet, as I wouldn’t give that up, there is still a piece of me that wishes I could have it again, if only for a moment.
  • Most recently, Puerto Rico, the island where my family is from, was overtaken by Hurricane Maria. A land where many of my greatest childhood memories were made, is now desolate and desperate for recovery. It’s a loss that will take many, many years to heal from.

Loss can come in many forms.

It can carry many different reactions and effects to those who go through it. Some losses are expected while many others can blindside us, leaving us feeling at a complete loss of composure, faith, and hope in how we could ever make it out on the other end. Loss can kinda take a toll on us. Almost to the point where we are never the same. We look at life with a tint of gray in our rose-colored lenses. And things that used to be easy to hope and stay faithful in are no longer so easy to process.

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The Findings of God in the Seasons of Loss- By Selina Almodovar - Christian Relationship Blogger - Christian Relationship Coach

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