Have you been searching for lasting love?

When I single, at first dating was fun. I got to go to a lot of places and flirt with a lot of really cute guys.

Slowly but surely, as I realized that none of the guys I met were ever really my type, the dating scene began to get old.

Over time, I was tired of finding the same guys and playing the same games.

I was ready to find real love.

One that didn’t leave me confused about what our relationship status was. A love that wanted to set goals and dream of a future together. That “serious” relationship that was meant for more than just late-night texting.

But there was one problem.

I had no freakin’ clue where to find it!

How in the world does one find lasting love in this day and age?

Back then, I thought this was impossible. And I was very close to settling for a guy and relationship that I deemed to be “good enough”. But I am so thankful and grateful that I didn’t.

Once I started going to church and began to take my personal relationship with God seriously, I realized that the answer to this age-old riddle was under my nose the entire time.

While the answer may seem obvious at this point, it was still a mystery to me as to how exactly I was to apply this lasting love to my own love life, given all that I had encountered.

In this video, I share with you the not-so-secret as to where you can find lasting love. I also talk about how you can use that love to build a lasting relationship!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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girl with bun holding up her hands in the shape of a heart towards a sunset valley view with pink overlay and white text that reads, "Where To Go To Find Lasting Love"

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