Let me tell you how the book, “Eat Pray Love”, changed my life.

I found this book during one of the lowest, darkest seasons.

There was a breakup that I was getting over, and I remember falling into this state of depression where I was unable to sleep at night. Because I could not sleep at night, I tried everything I could to relax– from sleeping pills to stalking my Ex on social media.

I was unable to eat much food so I sustained myself by drinking breakfast shakes and eating soup. I lost over 30 pounds over a two-month span.

The depression was real. And the struggle was near impossible to overcome.

There was a library down the street from where I lived. And I don’t know what got me to think that I should start reading books, but I did.

I remember pouring over the self-help books in hopes that I would find answers that could address my post-relationship struggles. I was looking for a solution that could cure my depression and help me stop thinking about my freakin Ex 24 hours of the day.

One of the books I picked up was called, “Eat Pray Love”. Man, this book totally wrecked my world! In a very, very good way!

It not only changed the way I was living my life, but it completely changed my mindset.

So much so, that was able to snap out of the breakup breakdown I was in. Because of this book, I was able to lift myself up from the rock bottom I had hit, pick up the broken pieces of my heart, and start to live life again.

So what is the deal with this book? Why is “Eat Pray Love” such a pivotal book that changed me and could possibly change you too?

In this video, I share how the book “Eat Pray Love” came to me during one of my darkest seasons and literally changed my life!

Click on the video below to enjoy!

Needless to say, I totally recommend this book to anyone getting over a breakup or struggling with their single life…

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Overall, I read this book to escape my own reality. But by the end, I was ready to face it and overcome my depression.

Upon reading the description of the “Eat Pray Love” I thought I was simply going to be reading a memoir of a woman who did some fun stuff in her life. I went in thinking and assuming that this would be a light read to help me take my mind off of the real stuff I was dealing with.

But this book gave me so much more.

And yes, coming from two completely different faith backgrounds, her literal steps are not ones I would follow, but her ambition to pursue more in life, love, and within herself was there. That, I cannot ignore– it was just too inspirational. It lead me to the life that I’m living in today.

I believe that God can show up anytime, anywhere, and He definitely showed up for me in this book!

Hopefully, it’s something that helps you too!

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