Ever wonder why your man doesn’t bring you around to certain things?

Ugh. I was totally this girl back in my college days.

As sad as I have to admit this, I think doing is gonna help a lot of women out there. Why? Because we are told a very popular lie and it totally affects your relationship outcome.

My story began with me dating an older man. Because he was older, I automatically assumed that I had to play it cool at all times just to “match his level”. If I didn’t, then I assumed he would dump me to be with someone his age.

So basically whatever he said directed the relationship. This included how he chose to spend his time when it came to his friends and family.

At first I didn’t think nothing of it. I simply though that we were both very comfortable and secured in our relationship and MATURE enough to handle the separation.

Slowly but surely I began to notice a pattern. We didn’t share the same circle of friends.

In fact, he never wanted to hang out with my friends. And I could probably count the number of times I actually hung out with his on one hand… after being together for almost five years!

Something wasn’t right.

There might be some women out there who are experiencing the same thing.

They might be telling themselves that space is a good thing. But when he flat-out chooses not to bring her around, that’s when there’s a serious problem.

Could this be you? Perhaps someone you know. All I know is that the red flags are waving high and free when it comes to scenario.

Yes, having space within a relationship is super healthy. I mean, you cannot expect to be with homeboy 24/7. That’s not good. You need your time with your girlfriends, family, etc.

However, when you’ve been dating for some time and you STILL have yet to see anyone in his inner circle?! Then Houston, we got a problem.

You know with all the gatherings going at this time of year, you would think that he would be offering the invite for you to tag along.  And yet… he’s not.  

So what’s the deal?  Why isn’t he sharing his world with you?  In this video, I give you FOUR REASONS why bae is choosing not to bring you around his closest friends and family!

Click below to enjoy this video!

Eventually after confronting my ex about this, things began to go downhill.

My trust for him was completely shattered and everything was now a question. It was like my eyes were open to a new reality. Everything I had been living thus far was a lie.

I used to try to figure him out but the relationship was far too deep that doing so only lead to mistrust on both parts.

Eventually, we parted ways (which was NOT easy!) but lesson learned: I always make sure that we not only have our own friends but that we establish friends together as well.

For example, my husband and I have a set of friends that we often hang out with together. I also have my girlfriends that I hang out with anytime I need or want to. Then he has his guy friends and does the same. Together, we establish relationships with others that we can now trust and grow in.

Anytime you date a “lone rider”, keep your eyes and ears at full attention. Beware of the red flags. And be mindful of the amount of dependence he has on you and your relationship!

Remember, you deserve to be in a secure relationship with a secure man. So, continue trusting in God and He will continue working on bringing you exactly that!

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