Many folks always wonder why I didn’t kiss my husband until our wedding day.

In fact, if would have told me that I would be doing that back when I was in college, I would’ve looked at you like you were crazy!

I remember having my very first kiss with a boy when I was in the eighth grade. It was with my middle-school crush and I had been crushing on that boy for YEARS! So when it finally happened during a game of “truth or dare”, I had to act totally cool and natural about it. I didn’t want to give off the impression that my insides were exploding with fireworks the moment it happened.

Since that day in the late nineties (really dating myself here!) I had kissed many guys. From deep relationships to cute guys, I met at the bar. Case and point: Your girl is NOT some goody-goody girl who always planned to not kiss her husband till marriage!

I’m not a cookie-cutter Christian. I didn’t exactly grow up in the church and I definitely wasn’t practicing a pure lifestyle all of my life. I used to live with my boyfriends. I played wifey and house well into my 20s.

But after a breakup and I hit my relationship “rock bottom”, I finally decided to go all-in with my personal relationship with God and I discovered what it meant to be pure in mind, body, and spirit.

I first learned about women choosing not to have sex before marriage at a women’s small group. My small group leader (who was probably close to her 40’s at the time!) was practicing a pure Christian relationship with her financé. It was so foreign to me.

However, when I met my husband Kyle in that same church, I knew things had to be different. For starters, Kyle wasn’t that type of guy who was all about looks and sexual attraction. This dude was deep. And He was on fire for God!

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I didn’t exactly know how to have a Christian relationship that honored God. And I for sure didn’t know the first thing about being pure before marriage!

My biggest fear though… was the thought of kissing this very attractive man of God. The guy that God brought to me who could potentially be the answer to my prayers and my future husband. And that was when we decided that I wouldn’t kiss my husband until our wedding day!

How did the decision come about? How did we manage to date for TWO WHOLE YEARS without kissing? And lastly, why would anyone want to wait to kiss the love of their life until their wedding day?!

In this video, I get personal and share my story on why I didn’t kiss my husband until our wedding day!

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