Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you started dating your best friend?

You’ve known him for YEARS! He’s been in your ministry circle and he’s practically family. In fact, he’s seen you experience all of the rugged dates, failed relationships, and then some.

And you totally friend-zoned him! So why allofasudden are the feelings getting strong for him? What changed? What did you miss?

It’s almost crazy to think of the “what if” that could actually go down between you two.

He’s your brother-in-Christ. And yet, for some reason, now… in this particular season, you’re entertaining the thought of possibly dating him. What would that even look like? Is it worth the risk? What if it doesn’t end well?

Butttttt…. what if it does? Like, come on, sis! He’s been there through it all and yet, there’s still no one else you find yourself feeling more comfortable with. There’s no other guy who just “gets you”. Perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before.

Or, maybe God simply revealed this side of him to you now because this is the season you were meant to find love. And maybe… just maybe… all this time… that love was meant to be found in him.

I mean, what’s not to consider here? If you guys are ALREADY friends and value each other, then what’s not to consider when it comes to dating your best friend?

Well, take it from me. As someone who encourages everyone to “marry their best friend”, there are certainly some big differences between having a friendship and growing that friendship into a relationship built to last. If you’re considering crossing the line of the friend zone and seeing if you have what it takes to take things to the next level, then pay attention!

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It’s important to know the dos and don’ts. This video will teach you the basics of dating your best friend and help you avoid any potential conflicts or problems.

So watch this video and learn the secrets to a successful dating relationship with your best friend! Click below to enjoy this video!

Click here to watch the video, 5 Rules for Dating YOUR BEST FRIEND (That You Probably Didn’t Know!)

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