Will dating ever bring you closer to God?

Usually whenever asked this question, the answer is always no. And rightfully so. Dating will only serve as a distraction. It will draw the attention away from actively pursuing God. Your faith will fade as you continue to grow in love with whoever you’re dating.

At least that is what most of the dating sources will tell you.

In very many cases, those are all solid facts that support that truth. Dating can and will pull you away from God.

BUT, such is not always the case.

In my own dating experience, I had two totally different scenarios that helped me understand my faith and how to balance it when it came to dating guys.

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When I wasn’t as close to God as I should have been, I most certainly exercised these statements. It’s exactly what happened to me. I would read my devotionals daily, spend time with God and pray. I was involved in a church setting and I frequently spent most of my time there. That is, until I met someone.

Then, slowly but surely, all of my time with God would be traded in for spending more time with the guy I was into.

Soon enough, I grew too tired for the morning devotionals. Or, I would wind up feeling too exhausted to pray after spending way too long on the phone chatting or texting my new love interest.

Of course, this all lead to my straying away from the most relationship I had: the one I had with God.

Fast forward to when I actually decided to put God first in my love life.

After I began to date my husband, I was at the point in my faith walk where I was totally secure in my relationship with God. Therefore, the time I spent with Him wasn’t about to get compromised no matter who the guy was. I had to find a way where I could date AND draw closer to God.

It turns out, despite popular belief, that you actually CAN do it! Dating with the right intentions can actually help you draw closer to God! As that was happening to me, both my husband and I grew closer together in God as a result.

Can dating bring you closer to God? In this video, I share three pieces of dating advice for Christian women to encourage them when it comes to maintaining their faith with God and pursuing to date!

Click below to enjoy this video!

There are two steps you MUST follow if you’re looking to use dating as a way to draw yourself closer to God.

The first step is to determine whether you are even ready to date. You might be and then again, you might not. Nevertheless, knowing where you stand will help you know what to focus on so that if and when it’s time to date again, your faith in God will not be compromised. Use my free quiz, “Are You Ready To Date” to get your results!

The next step, once you’ve determined that you are in fact, ready to date, is to order my book, The Christian Woman’s Guide To Dating! This book will give you the step-by-step navigation you need to date with God as your compass!

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