The dating game has changed over the last few years… and so had the dating advice!

Ever since our entire world has changed in 2020, meeting people, falling in love, and getting into serious relationships have all taken a turn into something new.

There are issues with trusting others, scheming, and communication (due to the inability to actually meet in person!). Girl, I get it! Dating in this day and age is a challenge!

While some common things, such as online dating and Tinder, are not new, they have, however, evolved, drawing more and more women who might now be open to meeting new guys, given the circumstances.

And of course, if this is new territory that you’re stepping into, then it can all get very overwhelming, very quick! What I don’t want you to do is give up on dating and trying to find a man all because the rules to dating have changed and you didn’t get the memo!

Surely if you’ve been praying over your love life and you feel as though you are ready to date then you’re gonna need some dating advice that’s gonna speak to you in the current times.

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So yes, girl, while the goal remains the same to find a great, God-fearing guy, the way you must go about it now has changed a little… ok, ok, a LOT!

And you know I got you covered!

I’ve been serving you dating advice since 2015! But now that we’re ankle-deep into 2022, there are a few updates that I wanna share with you to ensure that your navigation into the dating world is up-to-date!

In this video, I’m gonna share 3 pieces of dating advice that’s gonna help you navigate the dating scene in 2022!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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