How to Date a Guy with God in Mind EBook Cover

You've met someone new.

And now it’s time to do things God’s way.

No more games.  No more worldly ways.

This time you wanna date a guy and you wanna do it right.


This Ebook is for you if...

  • You just met someone new and wanna establish Christian dating principles
  • You are unfamiliar with how to have a "Christian" relationship
  • The thought of dating makes you nervous because you never know what to say or what to do
  • You feel that you are awkward when you date a guy and that it's your fault whenever it doesn't work out
  • You don't know how to tell if a relationship is getting serious or a waste of time
  • You wanna know what to look for when it comes to dating a godly man
  • You wanna be prepared to honor Christ in all areas when it comes to dating someone new

New Guy. New Relationship.

What would your relationship look like one year from now if you decided to FULLY trust God with it and do things HIS way?

In this ebook, you’ll get:

  • Entering a New Relationship Prayer
  • 15 Ways to Honor God In Your New Relationship
  • 20 Conversation Points to Have with Your Date
  • When to Take Your Serious Conversations to the Next Level
  • 10 Places to Go to Have a Fun (and Pure) Date
  • Boundaries in Friendship and Dating Checklist
  • Modest in Fashion Checklist
  • And more!