Everyone knows that in order to have a great relationship you gotta know how to communicate effectively with your partner.

But that is not always an easy thing to do! I get it. You like this guy. Marriage could be a serious potential thought here. Or, you’re probably already married and this whole communication thing is really putting a strain on your marriage!

You want things to work out. But NOT if you two can’t talk like mature adults everytime something happens, or whenever you just want to connect with him.

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Let’s also consider the fact that your communication skills might be tarnished if you were brought up to do things like avoid conflict, not speak openly about your feelings, or simply to speak unless spoken to. Trust, the childhood traumas play a DEEP role when it comes to finally get the message out to your love.

And while this may be only one factor that could jepordize how you and your partner talk to one another, there are many many more just like it.

For example, perhaps you are growing more and more upset with your partner because they have a small attention span… however, if you look at the ways of the current world, EVERYONE is being conditioned to have small attention spans!

Here’s what I’m trying to say here: There are a LOT of factors that could make up why it’s been so hard to effectively communicate with your partner. Some of those factors are out of their own choices. Others are just a part of life.

Does this mean that you two will never be able to see eye-to-eye and get on the same page. No! In fact, It simply means that you guys have to work towards it. Of course, prayer will definitely help! Because no matter how you choose to work on it, growing your communication skills will require an immense amount of grace, patience, and faith in each other to make it work!

Along with prayer, you’re going to also need to take some actions and put your communication skills to practice. And what better way to do that than to focus on these three tips first!

Sooooo… Are you struggling with trying to find the right words for effective communication with your partner?

In this video, I’m gonna share THREE TIPS to get you and bae to better listen, talk, and communicate.

Click below to enjoy this video!

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