Ever wonder how to get closer to God?

You’ve done all the things that you’re “supposed” to do: go to church, joined a small group, found a great Bible reading plan, etc. And yet, none of it is making you feel “closer” to God!

Now, this can be a problem, especially when you are trying to trust God when it comes to your love life. It doesn’t feel quite real if you find yourself going through all of the motions and still feeling never near God. How can you possibly take that and use that towards knowing what’s right and wrong in your relationships and single life struggles?

There are a LOT of tips and ways to create the environment for you to actually help you get close to God. However, if you are still missing the core steps then your mindset will never come to a place to grow your faith, draw near to Him, and actually allow Him to lead you to true love!

What are those core steps you might be asking? I’m glad you asked! Back then, when I was growing up and going to college, I used to go through the motions. And while I thought I was allowing God to lead, deep down, I definitely wasn’t. How do I know this? Well, because I would often go against His will. The choices I would make did not bring me peace. I wasn’t being patient. I was taking matters into my own hands. Naturally, breakups would ensue.

Once I really got serious with my relationship with God, I just knew that the way I approached Him had to change! And once I discovered how to do that, EVERYTHING changed!

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So, if you have ever asked yourself, “how do I get closer to God”? In this video, I’m gonna share 4 STEPS to help you do that as soon as TODAY!! Click below to enjoy this video!

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