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Dating as Christian women in today’s world can seem frustrating, terrifying, and intimidating!

There are so many rules to follow and it requires a lot of trust.

When it comes to the men and the modern dating expectations, these two elements just don’t mix!

I get it. Christians are supposed to be set apart from the rest of the world! Dating would be no exception.

However, when I first started to date my husband, aka my very first “Christian based relationship”, I felt insecure.

I thought that I would scare him off, or that I would cause him to sin. You know, cause a bit of that Eve guilt was there and all.

And to be ALL THE WAY HONEST… just about every man that I had dated in the past were “Christian”.

Yet, how we entertained the relationship was not honoring God! Our choices did not align with our faith. And this was something that I knew needed to change. Especially if I was going to be intentionally serious about a man who was intentionally serious about his faith.

Therefore, I was puzzled at first. I did not know what to do, what to say, nor how to feel. I had no idea how to contain my attraction to my husband. Was having an attraction to him wrong in the first place? (This was definitely a real question of mine!)

Also, I was afraid that I would grow to idolize my relationship and husband. It had happened so often before in the past, how I was sure that it would not happen again? I couldn’t trust myself.

So there it was. Me, my faith, and this man who had every potential of becoming my husband. Mixing that in today’s world where sex and living together are ok. And trust comes from your loyalty to the relationship itself. Where does God fit in?

Talk about confusing times!

This video shares my struggles with what it was like to date as Christian women in today’s world. But after learning this one very important lesson, it changed everything for me!

Click below to enjoy this video!

In today’s world, women are often faced with dating and relationship expectations that were once frowned upon.

Because of this, dating in general is never an easy thing to do. By switching gears on WHO you should take your dating pointers from, you can navigate the dating scene without pressure. Sure, the modern rules will still be there, but the confusion will not. God makes everything clear the closer you are to Him.

I share much more about HOW and WHY Christian women should be using God as their moral compass when it comes to dating and relationships in my newest book, “The Christian Woman’s Guide to Dating: Advice On Keeping The Faith While Looking For Love”! You can learn more about this book and pre-order yourself a copy on Amazon here. (Please note: This is an Amazon Affiliate link that I am using and therefore may earn a commission from qualifying purchases!)

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