Being a Christian in college can be somewhat challenging.

Like, how can you stay grounded in your faith?

And what about that cute guy over there? Should I go flirt with him?

Oh, and all the papers, and finals, and academic pressures that just totally stress you out!

College no lie is an amazing experience! There are so many options and directions! Of what to do, who to hang out with, and which direction your life can ultimately go in. It can be overwhelming.

And if you’re not careful, you could wind up on a slippery slope falling away from your faith.

When I went to college, I was riding on the fence of my faith just about the entire time. I believed in God but I was not acting like a child of God.

During my undergrad years, I would drink, smoke, hang out in bars and date multiple men. All the while, my Bible was open front and center.

There were some days when I would feel led to spend time with God. But the truth is, I didn’t really know how to outside of what I was already doing.

Sure I could have attended a local church I guess, but nothing really appealed to me.

I knew that I was making poor “ungodly” choices, but I also didn’t really know what other choices I could make. That is, without losing my current friends, our current lifestyle, and feeling all alone.

This was how I lived my life back at home (bad choices on Saturday, good ones on Sunday), and with no other example to guide me into a better direction, I continued doing what I knew.

So I continued to live this lifestyle, only it intensified to fit the college lifestyle. And those choices that came from that lifestyle left me feeling more alone than ever.

Being a Christian in college did not guard me against the attacks of the enemy. In fact, it made them worse. And boy, did I feel those attacks.

For the majority of my college life, I felt very alone, depressed and anxious. All of those things are definitely not of God. Yet, there I was, reading my daily devotionals in the morning, after drinking at the bars all night. All the while, hoping that something would change.

Well eventually, as I was attending Grad school, I pulled myself together. I did something that I should’ve done years ago: It was probably the one thing that changed my life.

Seriously! This one thing helped my walk as a Christian in college! It drew me into the hands of Christ. And with that, He molded and shaped into the woman that I am today!

In this video, I share what that #1 tip is that has radically transformed my life for the better. This is the #1 tip for any Christain in college.

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As a Christian in college, I wanted to be like everyone else.

I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. Knowing that I gave my life to Christ was enough for me.

But God calls us to be set apart. He wants to be the Lord over our life just as much as He wants to be our Savior. By receiving God into my heart years prior to college, He had already ordained that I would never fit in. Because I was created to be set apart in His image.

If I could go back to do it all over again, I would have probably headed straight towards the “Campus Crusade for Christ” organization table (now known as Cru)!

I would have plugged myself in right away and found a college “home” church before anything else. Had I would’ve done that, the attacks and the pressures to “fit in” would not have affected me as much.

While the Lord eventually led me to Central Avenue Methodist Church during my last year of college (better late than never!) I only wished that I would have had the courage to find and visit them sooner. Though they were different than the church I grew up (a major reason why I never bothered finding a church home in college!), they gave me a way to reconnect with Christ. My experience with them will never be forgotten!

If you’re in college today, see what organizations are centered on Christ, and try to get to know them. Google a local church and visit one each Sunday until you find one that sticks.

And if there’s nothing there for you in that aspect, then please believe there are other believers searching just like you. If this is the case, then why not start an organization on your campus! Delight Ministries offers a faith-based community where college women can come together to learn more about their faith through resources and support one another through college as sisters of Christ! Did I mention they’re all about donuts? Just sayin.

Sister, do not assume that you can do this alone. You are not meant to do this alone.

Do not think that because you were a strong Christian at home that you can withstand everything that will come your way once you hit college. Because you might not be able to.

And while it may seem like everyone is drinking, partying, dating, and everything else, you can be assured that your God has set you apart and others to make this season of your life one that honors Him.

What’s one tip that helped as a Christian in college? Share in the comments below!

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