If you’ve ever struggled with getting over a breakup, then you might want to take an interest in Christian affirmations for a breakup.

Have you ever heard of it before? Affirmations are positive phrases you say to yourself to shift your mindset into one that is positive, encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring! Wouldn’t you say you can use all of that during a breakup season?

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I remember when I was going through my own breakups in the past. One of the most challenging things that I had to overcome in that time period was the negative thoughts that would not get out of my head!

Every single night was stuck in my own head pondering the breakup, and the thought that someone I loved no longer loved me.

Once I began to think positive thoughts, my entire attitude changed. Oh, but there’s more.

During my breakups was when I had an encounter with God! From that experience, I was able to reestablish my relationship with God. It was this experience that inspired me to really shift my mindset.

Now that you are faced with this same turmoil as I once did, I want to help you with getting unstuck. The mind is a powerful thing and using Christian affirmations for a breakup could be the missing key in your life that gets you to move on!

So, if you’ve ever struggled with getting over a breakup, particularly because you cannot stop the negative thinking that weighs you down, then you definitely need to check out these Christian affirmations for a breakup. You can listen to them in the video below, or, you can download the free handout that you can print out and take with you wherever you go!

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