Have you ever heard of turning your breakups into breakthroughs?

It’s kinda like looking at the silver lining of the situation.

But I can tell you from first-hand experience that it’s not always that easy.

You don’t just go through this uber stressful and painful thing in your life, go home to cry it out and then wake up the next morning with a sudden breakthrough.

When it came to my last big breakup, those were some of the hardest months of my life.

From the time I got dumped by my Ex in December, to the time I was able to comfortably say that I was “OK being single and able to enjoy life” was a solid year.

An entire year!

So what the heck happened in between that time?

I acted out in anger and did things that tainted my character. It made me look crazy towards my Ex and others and really showed that I was nowhere close to being over this. All while my Ex had clearly moved on, which made it worse.

I made choices with my Ex, on social media, and with other guys, out of desperation. Rather than to keep my dignity and lick my wounds in private, I blasted my feelings out in public so that everyone could see them. Having the “victim” mindset also did not bring my Ex back.

Then, I basically bargained to keep my Ex as a friend which went terribly wrong. I was putting all of my needs to the back burner just to put him first (a man who was no longer my boyfriend, and had no desire of getting back with me) just to prove to him that our breakup was a mistake. Again, I got burned.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I went through a season of grieving.

I straight-up grieved the loss of my Ex because after being such a major part of my life, no longer having him in the picture also meant no longer having that mapped out life.

We made plans together. There were goals set in place. A family and house and vacations that we talked about. A wedding. So much was in store for the map of “us” and my happiness was riding on all of it.

So when people tell you to “get over it” and “oh, he wasn’t worth it”, it’s not necessarily the guy you are mostly trying to get over.

It’s the idea of what your life would’ve been like had that guy stayed.

And while some of you reading this are grateful and thankful that the breakup happened and are totally ready to move on, others aren’t for this very reason.

But… even after a year of grieving, and a LOT of really bad choices at that time, I’d like to be the one to share with you some good news.

Turns out, after it’s all said and done, that you actually CAN turn your breakups into breakthroughs!

What do I mean when I say a breakthrough?

Simply put, in the midst of all of that darkness you are experiencing because of your breakup, there will be some news, a shift, or a mindset change that will allow you see the good in the situation. And that good news will carry you into a state of acceptance and forward movement. Without your Ex.

How exactly do you reach that pivotal breakthrough?

In this video, I share with you how to turn your breakups into breakthroughs!

Click below to enjoy this video!

Do not let your breakups get the best of you.

While it may seem like they knock you down hard, it’s never really the end of the story.

Sorta like in the action movies (think, Avengers, Batman, Rocky, basically 90% of all movies!), where they have that battle midway into the movie and lose. But then there’s a super awesome montage of the training to get back up (with a really cool song?) and they ultimately beat the bad guy and win the war?

Just like that.

Turning your breakups into breakthroughs is just like that.

What breakthroughs have you experienced from your breakups? Share in the comments below!

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