Ever wonder how to handle a breakup as a Christian woman?

Sure, to some, this may seem like a strange question… A breakup is a breakup, right?

Well, yes… however, there seems to be this notion that as a woman of faith, the way you would handle any circumstance should be different. For example, one might feel the pressure to be “slow to anger”. Or, could feel guilty for feeling all of the feelings when going through an actual breakup.

“How could you feel depressed and/or sad when you have God on your side?”

Or, many Christian women could receive the standard encouragement of, “just pray about it!” or, “God’s got something better, don’t worry!”

Sure… saying encouraging faith-based things are great… but to be honest, whenever I went through a breakup, those were the last things I wanted to hear!

After experiencing many breakups, I felt angry, sad, depressed, rejected, and a slew of other negative emotions. In my weakness, I was very far from dusting myself off and going about my life as if those breakups didn’t break me. There were no words that anyone could tell me that would make me feel better.

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This way of feeling did not take away from the fact that I was a strong woman of faith. However, it made it extremely difficult (if I can be honest) to follow those coffee mug quotes of trusting God, staying faithful, and finding joy in the morning.

And the reason for that is because… you’re human! And whether you’re a Christian or not, you’re still going to feel human emotions whenever you experience a very sad (or angry) event in your life.

Hearing people that cared for me use those blanket-faith statements to address this very real and raw thing that I was going through almost made it feel as though it was superficial in a way. As if no one truly understood what I was going through. And for that, it made talking to others, in faith, regarding my epic love fail, quite difficult and unappealing. Which, as a result, left me to isolate myself even more, which ultimately lead me to dig deeper into those negative feelings.

Mind you, I’m sharing all of this because I am a Christian who went through hell on Earth. It wasn’t fair (in my opinion) that other Christians would assume that the faith I possessed was enough to pull me out of my weakness faster than humanly possible! And perhaps you have felt this too.

So what should one do when it comes to a breakup? How can a woman, who leans so strongly on her faith, actually deal with overcoming a breakup? In this video, I share some gut-wrenching truth and some biblical hope to teach how to handle a breakup as a Christian woman.

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