Have you ever struggled with breaking up with a friend of the opposite sex?

Allow me to paint the picture for you, mmk? You got your normal breakups with a boyfriend (er. ex-boyfriend). Then you have those nasty breakups with a friend. But a breakup with a friend of the opposite sex is sort of a mixture of the two. And from the sounds of it, this breakup can become very devastating!

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What makes this sort of breakup so devastating is that there is a lot of unpacking within this particular friendship. You’ve got your usual friendship things, such as trust, fun, and dependability, that are now gone. Then you top that with “whatever else you’re feeling.” I believe it’s these underlying feelings that no one has ever addressed in the friendship both before or after that that truly make this the worse breakup of all breakups.

I always like to warn people about developing strong friendships with guys because there is a very fine line that you would be playing here.

Of course, this does not always happen. I’ve known women who have been best friends with guys all of their life. One woman I know even appointed her best male friend as the godfather of her children. Never once did they ever try to cross the line of friendship and into something romantic.

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This is the exception, ladies. This is the ideal workings of what a friendship with someone of the opposite sex should look like. But it doesn’t always go this way. For that reason, it creates a very painful experience.

So, are you struggling to get over a friendship breakup with a friend of the opposite sex? Does it seem to hit a bit harder than all of your other breakups?

In this video, I break down what it’s like to go through a breakup with a friend of the opposite sex and how to overcome it. Click below to enjoy this video!

Click here to watch this video!

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