I’ve been through many breakups. But when I experienced a break up during the holidays, it almost took me out.

To the natural eye, my breakup would seem like any other breakup. There were some words. I shed some tears. And the path to recovery was long and hard.

However, when you add that timing of that breakup to occur during “the most wonderful time of the year”, you get jacked up from it!

Just like any other holiday season, I longed to share it with my boyfriend.

Love was in the air. In my particular case, my father was getting remarried at the time. So that love vibe was an at all time high.

Now granted, I was not the best of girlfriends at the time. I was very insecure with myself and totally dependent on the relationship in order to fill my void.

In my defense, I never once saw this coming. Much less alone a break up during the holidays.

This breakup came out of nowhere. We never once had such a difficult conversation on the topic leading to that moment. I felt very blind-sided and taken back when it was all said and done.

The fact that we were in full-blown Christmas season made it all the more worse.

I say this because everyone around you is in a totally different headspace. There’s cheering and joyful singing. The decorations of the outside world did not reflect the hurt and pain that was adorning my heart on the inside.

In a state where I should have been celebrating the season with peace, love, and joy, this breakup made me feel quite the opposite. I was confused, frustrated, depressed, and very much afraid of what was to come.

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It took me a full two years to bring back the joyful spirit of Christmas again. After meeting my husband and we began to date, he gently warmed my heart enough to bring me back to life. I’m sure he can attest to the fear I had when the Christmas season came along.

Yes, a new sense of hope and joy washed over me after years of reliving the dreadful moments of that holiday breakup. But had I known what I know now, I think I would have been able to recover differently. I think that it would have taken as long to get over that breakup that happened during the holidays. If only I knew what to do and when to do it.

I’d be better off.

Today, I’m in a good place. I’ve been happily married to my husband now for going on eight years. Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year for me. Not only because I now share it with my children, but because it’s a yearly reminder of just how broken I was. And how amazing God is.

In this video, I share my breakup story from when my ex broke up with me during the holidays! Also, about what to expect and a few tips to help you get through it!

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