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Just broke up with your boyfriend?  Based on my first break up 5 do’s and don’ts video, here are 5 MORE breakup do’s and don’ts!

  1. DO NOT talk trash about him.

As much as you would like to…it’s never the classy the thing to do. Keep your dignity and comments to yourself.

DO keep your dirty laundry (and your tears) at home.

When you spill your aching soul over folks who only asked you a mere, “How’s it goin?” it places them (and you) in an awkward position and leaves everyone feeling uncomfortable.
Cry your eyes out and perhaps jot down those horrible feelings at the comfort of your home, where you are safe, loved, and allowed to say and do whatever you want.
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  1. DO NOT take your breakup out on everyone else.

Just because one guy messed up doesn’t mean that the rest of the male population will do the same. It wouldn’t be fair if you brought all of that baggage into your next relationship with the next guy.

DO find 1-2 really close friends that you can depend on to become your “breakup buddy”.

A breakup buddy is someone who volunteers to be the receiver on the other end when you are in need of anything throughout your breakup-grieving stage. These lucky individuals will help you with your sob stories, will take you to get ice cream when you run out, and talk some sense into you when you’re not thinking clearly. Ultimately your breakup buddies will allow you to be you, without judgment.

  1. DO NOT think that something is “wrong” with you.

Your breakup did not happen because you weren’t pretty enough, rich enough, or good enough. Quite the opposite, in fact. Do not for a second think any less of yourself because the person you had feelings for turned out to not be the ideal guy for you. Believe me, you are so better off with someone who can show you what it really means to be loved.

DO establish your values and your qualities.

Remember all the things that make you a really awesome woman? It’s time to pull those attributes out and remind yourself that you are still the and got it going on! Yes, breakups happen, but you are still a great package with a great heart.
Sidenote:  You can get a nifty little handout (for free) to help you with this step by clicking here.

  1. DO NOT bargain with your ex.

This one can be particularly tough especially if you never wanted to breakup in the first place. There will come a point where your ex will no longer care for you and will only reach out to use you.

Offering to help your Ex will not win him back!

Do not make any exceptions! I don’t care if he got robbed in the middle of the night, and he is lying somewhere in a ditch and happened to keep his phone and no one in the world could pick up the phone except you. It’s a likely story but say no to him anyways.

DO stay busy instead by becoming active in something that brings you joy and fulfillment.

Your ex will most likely try to contact you for several weeks afterward. Send him to voicemail (or change your number!) and focus on something else that will cause you to think less of his drama and more of your own self-fulfillment. Whether you decide to start a hobby, join a club, or volunteer, the outcome of these things will always make you feel better than reporting to him again.

  1. DO NOT forget about yourself.

Going through a breakup is a pretty rough experience. Often our most daily needs are being sacrificed in order to make time to “mend” our once-was relationship. Ask yourself these simple questions:
Do I need to eat?
Do I need to sleep?
Am I still working out?
Am I surrounding myself with loved ones or pushing them away?
Take time for your health, your life, and your emotions.

DO believe that with time, things will get so much BETTER.

It may seem like a setback right now, but in actuality, this is only a setup for what’s going to come your way.
By taking these DO’s and DON’Ts to heart and by allowing yourself the proper time to grieve, love on yourself, and reset your intentions for what you want in a relationship, you’ll see that your Season of Freedom will be bigger and better than anything you could ever imagine with that guy!

Got any other breakup tips that worked for you?  Share in the comments below!

girl staring at her phone with pink overlay and white text that reads, "5 More Breakup Do's and Don'ts"

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