What should you do when your boyfriend doesn’t want to get married??

I’ll tell you what I should have done. Back when I was dating my college boyfriend, I thought we were gonna get married. And this isn’t something that I just pulled out of nowhere, mmk? Homeboy used to straight up talk to me about marriage, growing old with me, and a future together.

Given those circumstances, I took his words and love quite seriously. I trusted in his intentions and believed them to be true.

So yes, it came as a total shock for me when he told me that I “was not his top priority”. You know looking back though, I can now fully understand the situation. School was ending. Jobs weren’t secure. Fear was rampant.

And still, if a man tells you that he intends to marry you, you believe him. If that is the case, then why is it so difficult to believe him when he tells you that he doesn’t want to get married?

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Maybe your boyfriend at some point in your relationship lead you on, like the way my ex did with me. Or, maybe he was super honest from the very beginning and you thought you could change his mind.

It doesn’t matter how you got to this point. What matters is that you’re heart-deep in love with a man who has zero interest in wanting to give you what you want. A proposal. A commitment. His heart forever. That sucks. And you might feel stuck. I’m so sorry.

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But fear not! Because if want to be a wife someday then stick with me! In this video, I share 3 things that need to go down when your boyfriend doesn’t want to get married! Click below to enjoy this video!

Watch Video: When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Get Married

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