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Book Review:  Girl, Wash Your Face

Book Review: Girl, Wash Your Face

Let me tell you why "Girl, Wash Your Face" is so important to me. It started out when I was alone in the summer raising two very small kids. There was not much I could do on my own since I was outnumbered. Wherever we went, there had to be some gates or something to...

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How to Pray to God About Your Love Life

How to Pray to God About Your Love Life

Praying to God can be an intimidating thing. Especially when you don't really know how to pray or what to pray about. Usually, when someone prays you hear a lot of "requests" being made. Then you apparently stand "in faith" and wait for all of those things you prayed...

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Hey girl, hey! My name is Selina and I am a Christian Relationship Author and Blogger. After experiencing a crazy and depressing love life throughout my 20’s, I decided to develop a true, trusting relationship with Christ that has lead to peace, restoration, and finding true love! I now write, blog, and create videos encouraging women everywhere to trust God with their love life in hopes that they too, will receive a love transformation!


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