girl staring at camera with a "mona lisa" smirk with pink overlay and white text that reads, "What I Learned From My Biggest Breakup Ever!"
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You can learn a lot of lessons in life.  One of my hardest ones came from my biggest breakup ever.

Do you long to have a perfect relationship and fall completely apart when things don’t turn out the way you planned?
This was the story of my life!

In my early 20’s I was the type of woman that ALWAYS had to be in a relationship.

There was no single stage for me.  I was either talking to someone, getting “Exclusive” with someone or looking for my next boyfriend.

During my early 20’s, I started dating a guy that I was very much into.  After a few months, I thought our relationship was “perfect”.
Or so I thought…
After dating and living together for 2 1/2 years my “perfect” boyfriend ended our “perfect” relationship…
While I was on vacation with my family.
I mean, it’s not like I could hide my emotions from my Spanish-speaking relatives… the pain was written all over my face.
I was humiliated and crushed!

My post-breakup season was VERY far from healthy.

I couldn’t sleep so I took sleeping pills.
I couldn’t eat so I lost 40 pounds from starvation.
I couldn’t find peace and happiness, so I developed a heavy drinking and smoking habit to numb my feelings.
And all of my time and money would go towards clubs, weekend getaways, and the party life.

NOTE:  I wanna be clear here and note that none of this was my Ex’s fault.  (Seriously!)  My actions were my own and because I was not in a healthy emotional state of mind, my rationale was off in a major way!!  So please, DO NOT attempt what I did to get over your breakup!

This was my “remedy” to cure my breakup blues… and they were all mistakes that lead me deeper into a hole of depression.

Does this sound like any of you out there??
The truth of the matter is that I was scared to death about where my life was heading now that my man was gone.

Over two years of my life, I had created my entire future with this man.  Now that the man was no longer in my life, I no longer knew what do to.

And that threw me for a loop!  All of sudden, out of nowhere, my sense of love, companionship, and security had vanished.
All because my Ex decided to part ways.
As I was doing all that I could to mend my broken pieces back together, something truly magical happened…
I discovered something that changed my life!

Watch this video to see exactly what I discovered during my breakup season that helped me get over him and get on with my life.

In order to live a beautiful life you truly love, you have to know who you are and what you stand for. 

Part of my story transformed me into the woman that I am today.  And it was because of the lessons that I learned from that ugly experience that lead me to now know what real love is and what it looks like.
Wanna know how a Relationship Coach could help transform your love life?  Check out this link riiiight here.

Your Turn:  What’s one lesson that you learned from your biggest breakup ever?  Share it below in the comments!

girl staring at camera with a "mona lisa" smirk with pink overlay and white text that reads, "What I Learned From My Biggest Breakup Ever!"
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