Have you ever had your best friend betray you?

Man, doesn’t it suck? It is the absolute worst!

I guess in a way it hurts more than a breakup would. Simply because you would always expect that friend to be there, no matter what.

A lot of my trust issues come from broken friendships. And while I am still a work in progress, I know a lot of women who have never fully healed from their experiences.

Much like a romantic relationship, they take that friendship baggage into every other relationship moving forward.

So it’s super important to address all of your relationship hurts. Especially the ones you may have encountered from friends.

When it comes to getting betrayed by your best friend, you name it, I’ve experienced it.

Growing up I had a friend who was only my friend because she wanted to get closer to my older brother.

I had another friend who decided to ghost me simply because I wasn’t into name brand clothing and would not choose to do bad things with her.

I had friends who were friends with me until they needed a good laugh, to which I became the butt end of every joke.

And yes, I’ve even had friends who were only friends with me until a “cooler” friend came along.

It hurts. A lot.

As I mentioned before, unless you deal with those hurts, you’ll end up carrying that baggage with you everywhere you go.

When I was in college and started to have a few serious relationships with guys, and I became the absolute worst friend. Once I knew that things were getting serious between us, I would immediately ditch all of my friends to be with him.

I wouldn’t think twice about it. To me, it was a simple move. I simply wanted to spend more time with my boyfriend than with anyone else.

With all the previous friendships I had, ditching them didn’t seem like such a bad thing. It was actually what I had grown used to due to my previous friendships.

All those “cozy, lazy days” where you just lay around doing nothing with bae? Yeah, I was definitely doing something during those days… I was straight-up ignoring my friends.

And I’m sure that hurt them, just as all of those no-good friends in my past had hurt me.

So while I’ve had my share of bad friends stories, I can definitely say that I’ve also been on both sides of the coin.

When your best friend betrays you, it’s a mixture of emotions… much like a regular breakup. Only worse. So much worse.

And you wanna do the right thing, and feel the right way about it, but simply put, there’s a lot to uncover and process.

However, I wanted to help you out with this video in hopes that you can process your feelings a little faster than I did.

You know… before it’s too late and you break up with a really good friend.

I pray that whatever you decide to do with the outcome will end up freeing you from whatever heaviness this experience has brought, rather than to add to any baggage you might have to carry.

In this video, I cover two things you can you do if your best friend ever betrays you.

Click below to enjoy this video!

Even though my friends weren’t church-going Christians at the time, they still showed me the grace of God.

And that is a lesson I will never forget! It was one that genuinely taught me how to be a good friend moving forward. And it helped me to finally release some of that baggage that I had been holding onto all that time.

Sure, some of those friends decided to part ways with me and we’ve grown apart– I don’t blame them.

But the really, really good ones stayed. And their love for me is valuable and cherished because of it.

Have you ever had a best friend betray you? What did you end up doing as a result? Share in the comments below.

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