There are so many things to know before getting married!

And while all of the information is good information, hearing it all in the same season can seem quite overwhelming.

It’s as if getting married was the ultimate test to life and you have one engagement season to study and cram for it before the final!

No matter how many courses you take, seminars you attend, or premarital counseling sessions you have, none of them can truly prepare you for your specific marriage!

Well, at least that’s what my husband and I discovered as we experienced our journey of engagement before getting married!

Kyle and I were accustomed to learning and growing in the area of relationships. Why? Because we knew that marriage was our goal and so we wanted to prepare for it as much as possible.

So, every single event, book, or devotional that was focused on this area was something we dove into. We wanted to know without a doubt that we were fit and totally prepared for marriage!

Only, when we finally did get married in 2013 and entered into our marriage as husband and wife, there were things that we had no idea about!

It is totally true when folks say that the first year of marriage is the hardest! Not because you don’t love your husband (of course in that first year, you are head over heels with him!). It’s because you both are merging two seperate lives, minds, hearts, and lifestyles into one! And that can be pretty tough!

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For this reason, after having going through it myself, there are definitely some pieces of insight worth sharing more than others.

I believe that had we known about these things sooner, Kyle and I would have had an easier time with each other before getting married!

If you’re that blushing, glowing bride-to-be who’s racking their brain on things to know before marriage? Then this is for you! In this video, I’m gonna share FIVE things you should know BEFORE getting married!

Click below to enjoy this video!

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